Forza motorsport seven online hopper sound cuts in and out

When I try to play online mode all Sound cuts in and outPlease help

This is a setting on the console and not Forza. It was happening to me too.

Go into Settings - Display & Sound - Volume - Chat Mixer - Select “Do Nothing”

That should solve the issue.

Forza 5 and 6 didn’t have that issue with the chat mixer at the “stock” setting to reduce the volume level online, so I think it’s really a Forza 7 chat bug. However the above “do nothing” setting is the work around to keep the sound from going low, high, low, high…

The chat bug was fixed, it no longer throws you into game chat if you are in a party. AFAIK it has always broadcast other people as well as in previous games.

Thank you very much it fixed it I had this problem for 3 Months