Forza Motorsport game design and car list hopes

Disclaimer : THIS NOT A LEAK ABOUT THE GAME DESIGN IN THE GAME ! This is just a little wish-list on what I hope the game design will be like.

Career mode

How I would setup the career would be like this

You have 6 disciplines to do : Drag, Drift, Race, Off-road, Gymkhana (Unlocked at a certain point when you have more money and experience) and Rally ( A horizon style

You have 13 tiers with each one having 5-8 races in each tier

This can help so you’re not stuck doing the same races all over again and actually need to get good at the game.

Starter cars :

Drift : 180SX/240SX SE, S15 Sivlia, Soarer, 97’ e36 m3, 350z

Drag : Foxbody Mustang, 05’ Camaro V8, Mustang V6, mk4 supra

Rally : 05’ WRX, evo X, Focus RS, 92’ Celica

Off-road : 17’ Raptor Ranger, 16’ Hilux Double Cab, 20’ Silverado, 21’ Bronco Sasquatch

Race : BRZ/GT86,FR-S, A90 Supra, 14 Golf R, NA Miata, 350z

For each tier you unlock a Forza Cover car e.g. 350z Track = Tier 1, LEGO and base Senna = Tier 7, AMG ONE = Tier 8, Tier 4 = Viper.

Upgrading and Stats

I think a cool idea is for different types of Forza aero including the Xbox One era, OG Xbox era and 360 era of Forza aero so you don’t see the same aero all the time. There should also be more in house areo such as wheelie bars, drag kits, rear diffusers

Online and leaderboards

Forza should adapt to Rocket League’s and GT Sports system of first 10 races are unranked and when those races are done your put in a ranked based on how clean AND fast you are combined. They should also use FM4s leaderboard system with leaderboards for drifting, painting, tuning etc. Ranks can also reward cars, money etc.

I also think that we should be able to create multiplayer lobbies with only 1 person rather than 2 people.

DLC and Lifespan

Personally I think the game should be more update friendly to last for the entire generation and start developing a new game nearing the end of the generation to use things learned from the last game and use it on the new game.

I think Turn 10 should make free DLC tracks but make Car packs every 2 months and try using a FH5 festival playlist style for the next Motorsport.

QoL features
-Time progression which can get sped up (start race at night, end at night again in 2 hours or 24 hours )
-Base model versions of cars
-Crowds absent during hot laps

  • VR
    -Animated pit stops
    -Community hosted tournaments and championships
    -IMSA Championships for all players to compete in
    -Better wheel support
    -Adjustable FOV
    -Helmet camera
    -Custom public lobbies
    -Window banners ( just a banner, not full on NFS )
    -Used Car dealers
    -Region based servers (e.g. TrackMania ESWC/Nations Fore ever, GT Sport )

Car classes
-GT500 cars
-Actual german DTM cars
-LMH cars
-TCR cars
-Time Attack cars

On thing Forza lacks a lot is fictional tracks. Older Forza’s had Tokyo circuit, Fujimi Kaido and Alpine ring etc.
Here’s a list of tracks from older Forza’s

  • Tokyo Circuit
    -Fujimi Kaido
    -Alpine Ring
    -Blue Mountain
    -Camino Viejo de Monsterrat
    -Iberian International Circuit
    -Infineon Raceway
    -Ladera Test Track
    -Rally di Postiano (full)
    -Sedona Raceway Park
    -Sunset Peninsula Raceway
    -Benchmark Test Track
    -Twin Ring Motegi
    -Amafili Coast
    -Sidewinder Proving Grounds

If they’re any things I missed please tell me!


I wish we could get a 2003 chevy silverado 1500SS

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