Forza Motorsport Facebook issues.

Hello there.

Long time fan of the series, i am looking for staff who may operate the Facebook page for Forza.
I was banned for simply expressing my opinion on how you are charging your fanbase for cars that were in previous installments.

If any moderators could get in touch to get this issue resolved, that would be great. Thanks.

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Send your complaint to Of course, if they banned you, it seems like they did so purposefully.

They aren’t charging you extra for content from previous games. Cars that were in previous games that now appear as DLC are still remodelled for FM5 rather than copy-pasting the last-gen models. So, they are new FM5 models and not models from FM4 or earlier. There isn’t any logic, from a business standpoint, in them investing money paying staff to build new models just to give them away for free. That’s a good way of going out of business.

They’re just probably sick to death of all the haters trolling all over there facebook pages that having nothing to do with the game.
They ask what you think of a real life car and the trolls come out filling the page with why they hate T10!

You can contact the developers by email at