Forza Motorsport Drag Racers

Curious how many of us will be headed into Forza…8. Thanks.

I can’t believe you will be seeing much on the drag racing front, Forza has yet to push this mode much at all. Unfortunate really. The only thing that would keep the drag racers from leaving is an actual ladder style multiplayer mode. Something that they can use to create tournaments. Also, proper modifications to engines and cars. FH4 recently got the 68 Firebird, and you can’t even max it out in A class with the original engine (something like 550 hp max). As long as they continue to push the “V12 in everything” model, I could care less.

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A tournament hopper would be good and a good way to properly test and tune at the dragstrip

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I’m actually looking for an active Drag Racing F7 community if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Friday and Saturday nights the Unlimited AWD lobby is pretty active if you use a mic.

I’m still wondering if the Experimental Drag Mode will ever be used for multiplayer. Multiplayer drag racing is so much fun with a mic and headset and fast people to compete with but there are so many ways it could be improved on FM8. I really hope they don’t neglect that side of the game.

I’ll do FM8 but I am not expecting much in terms of drag racing out of the game. It would be great to see the real aspects of drag racing brought to the game but I am not hopeful. Things like reaction times and red light could really change setups and not see the same types of builds over and over. Bracket racing would also be a great way to see what types of car and engine combos are being used. But not hopeful.

Here’s hoping!

I’d love to see the Experimental Drag expanded upon in the new FM.

One can hope…