Forza Motorsport 7 said to be 100 GB (at least on PC and most likely XB1X)

Honestly it really doesn’t matter. With a cheap external you can gain a TON of storage. I will have a lot of room left still but if worse came to worse I would delete anything necessary to make room for FM7.



I don’t care about the size I have plenty of space . It’s just irritating because it’s 100gb download which is still a fair size even with a 150mb fibre connection. And has to be downloaded every time u need to reinstall it.

I always go disc but with Forza I go digital just for the ultimate edition and early access.

You can get a 5TB for $100

I really hope it won’t be a whole 100 GB especially since I’ll be playing on the OG Xbox One… but at least I have an external hard drive so even if it is 100 GB I’ll be fine in terms of storage space. Downloading such a big game will take a LONG time with my internet, though…

That is big…

Well I hope they shrink it down though, one of the reasons why I don’t have GOW 4 on my PC is because its 120 GB and I can’t justify spending that much space for a game I don’t play often, but as long as the game is damn fun it should be fine. Also I think PC download sizes are much larger than Xbox One sizes, so anyone worried about playing on console should assume that its going to be less than 100GB because GOW is 70-80 GB on console whereas PC reaches 120.

Gears 4 was so big on PC because it had all the 4K assets with it. I’m thinking the same here. Maybe the DL size will be 100 GB on PC and around 60 GB on XB1 with a 40 GB update for XB1X.
I’m just guessing though. I don’t really know a damn thing when it comes to games sizes on PC vs. console.

That will take all night on most people’s Internet for those with a digital copy. Something tells me it will be smaller.

On top of that, it hasn’t even become available for early access, so unless there are press copies out there no one knows what the actual download size is.

Xbox Live lists the download as up to 108GB. If I had to guess there might be an option to start preloading the game before release date and then it will unlock at a certain time. Other games have given this option.


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That’s how every game works. My preorder of F7 already includes the day 1 DLC and the game, sitting on the HDD. Though the game is currently only 108 MB instead of 100 GB. I guess the real preload will happen at the end of August.

I am totally ok with this, I would much rather have higher quality assets then not. I will delete my FM6 anyway. But I don’t think I’m going to buy digital anymore considering the consistency you can expect with these games.

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Dang that’s huge.

I have an original Xbox one so I’ll be deleting stuff. Oh well it’ll be the only game I’m playing.

I think I’ll wait on 4k tv though. My Samsung LED 55" is pretty nice. I’m guessing new Xbox will look real good on the tv. Just a matter of justifying $500 for the new xbox.

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Give it some time Swerve,price will come down,special package,etc.

Yea that’s what I’m hoping for this Christmas season. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue but weddings are expensive. Lol.


I just got updated to 1GB FIOS so this will take 100seconds.

Just kidding, anyone with slow internet, don’t worry. XBL will make this take forever, not your internet connection.

1Gb internet is 1 gigabit, not a gigabyte. A gigabit is 125 megabytes. So you’re really looking at about 13 1/2 minutes… if the stock 5400 rpm Xbox drive could even write/read that fast, which it can’t. :wink:

For some weird reason XBL downloads are among the fastest that I have done, especially when wired. When it comes to 4K you don’t have to be an early adopter. The console price will come down. The visual bells and whistles are all a matter of opinion. To some they are more essential than others.

XBL isn’t bad, my XBone is hardwired. It’s not slow, in that I complain about it, it used to be a lot worse a couple years back. But it’s no Steam where I can start 50gb downloads walk away and come back minutes later and it’s done. XBL is about Origin level for me.

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It could be faster for sure,my internet runs from 35GB to 65GB,depending on who is using cable at the time and XBL still seems slow.

It’ll DL fast for Europe. The US has the worst internet in the world. Not counting third world countries. I hate it. I get 30 mbps (it’s actually more like 17-18 mbps) down for $50 a month. I also have to call once a month because they slow the speed down all the time thinking I won’t notice. And I live Cincinnati. Which is a fairly large city.