Forza motorsport 6 the game

I want this game so badly. I would punch myself in the face really hard to get this game.

lmao! That is a strange thing to say!

i think getting a 360 and playing the older forza’s would be a better option. its definantly going to be more fun playing a game to pass the time than watching your face heal. i have broken my face and i have played forza. trust me playing is the much better option. a broken face sux. it hurts. it scares children. picking up a girl? maybe right after the 2nd to last guy is gone who was holding the “i have herpies” sign. looking like a monster is no fun even with strong pain killers. and you think them wireing your face back together hurts…wait till its time to take the wires out. and you have about 20 years before the scars fade enough they dont show up as red things on your face when it gets cold, or about when forza 16 releases. just get the old forzas. fm1 was my favorite but it glitches on the 360 so you might want to start with 2, then fm3 ultimate, then fm4, and by the time you get every car in all those games forza 7 will be last years game. you could skip 6. and not finish 7 before 8 comes out.

A lot of people are really looking forward to this game, but is that really all this post is about?

Video or it never happened.

Wait some 8 months (taking that if Forza 6 will share Forza 3/4/Horizon 1’s October release). I would not like to play a glitchy, broken mess.

Not a big fan of Forza 5 then :wink:

I hear you and can understand your enthusiasm for the Forza games, they are awesome. I bought XboxOne because of Forza 5, having missed out entirely on earlier versions of Forza on earlier consoles, and I have to tell you, I’ve never regretted for a minute that decision over PS4. Even with the advent of The Crew and GTA 5, both of which I own, IMO they do not event stack up Forza in any way and I regret now having purchased those games. For me it’s all about driving and racing and when you drive those aforementioned games, the force feedback via the controller (I don’t use a wheel) is just not the same as Forza 5 or Forza Horizon 2. And did mention that I play only racing games! So yeah, I hear you bud, I too can’t wait to see what Dan Greenawalt and company has in store for the Forza fans, as he promised Forza Horizon 6 to the “the most technologically advanced game o the market”!!! Bring it I say!!!

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Hmm… I’m pretty sure that once the game is released the only purchase options will be cash or credit.

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