Forza Motorsport 6 Drag Race Leaderboard

Hello fellow drag racers! A few to most of us miss having a drag race leaderboard, so I took it upon myself to start recording times. We create a poll to choose a weekly car on our Facebook page, but times can be submitted whenever. To submit a time you must provide a screenshot or video showing your GT and time in a solo run. All builds are all out, no drivetrain swaps. If you’d like to submit a time feel free to post here or message me.


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Sound’s cool man!! I’ll check this out. I have been doing eveeything I can on the forums to try to get drag racing the attention it deserves in at least one of these games, lol. Hopefully anyone that hopes for the same will post something up here!!

How cool would that be?! Real, working drag racing in Forza!!

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Drag racers have been trying to get recognition in Forza for several years, but we seem to always get put on a back burner. Anyway, hopefully this gets some attention and we can have some good competitive fun.

Yesterday at lunch I ran some of my old tunes at the Test Track. Man, I am off with my timing, lol. There was a while where I’d spend my whole gametime building and tuning drag cars. I had my shifting down and everything. I’m off a bit now, lol.

I recorded a few runs in a few of my cars,

Alfa GTA ran an 8.042 I think, but I’ve run a 7.8

a Syclone ran an 8.4 that’s hit an 8.2

an '02 Camaro ran an 8.5

Basically, everything I ran I was a couple tenths off what they’ve done. I will post up times one I know the rust off these rides so to speak.

I don’t know/not very good at posting pics or videos on here but they’ll be on my activity feed. Some of those faster time may be on a saved replay also. I’ll have to look.

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Sounds good bud. You can just put the links to the screenshots or videos when you’re ready to submit any times.

Shout out to the guys holding #1 spots! Pretty impressive times. LB updated! Click the link and check them out!

Hi there,

I would like to join or be part of this drag racing event type thing. I love drag racing but i have never had anyone to compete with

I hold drag race events on my Facebook page. If interested click here