Forza Motorsport 6 Achivements (New cars spotted announced already)

So glad it’s not the 2014 car. UGLY.

Edit: Typo on the achievement “Welcome to Forza Motorsport 5 Complete your first race”

Think it’s about the 10th one on the list.

The 5 refers to the amount of points the achievement is worth.

Finally a BAC Mono in Forza! Ain’t now sign of other unique supercars. Yet.

The prospect of 250 mod challenges to complete is very exciting too. I’m keen to learn what they all are!

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Mods sound very intriguing, definitely going to be a good way to spice up career races. Looking forward to trying out the new Lotus, should be wicked fast with that Mercedes V6, and the Falcon FG X is a welcome and unexpected surprise!

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No chance i’ll get this one “Cashing In 20 - Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Design”.

The others should be achievable without too much bother.


They will very probably add a few hundred more Gamerscore with the Porsche pack next year, so you’ll have the 1000 points needed for the forza rewards with no difficulties anyway.

Ma5hEd, I sent you a PM about the design achievment.

Hopefully this will be boostable by yourself with a second GT. Only way I was able to get it in FM5.

As long as the game is showing the design as being downloaded and used, it shouldn’t matter by who. I’m sure there will be a lot of people that do this to get the achievement. Or make a design and have all your friends download and use it a handful of times until you unlock the achievement.

Might try throwing together a design that I can upload on the first day of early access and hope it catches on.

We’ll see!

the bac Mono? THE BAC MONOO??? YESSS


Man I hope the Lotus E21 makes a return too, would love to pit a V8 F1 car against a V6T.

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Stupidest achievement ever.

1st off you need to get in a full lobby.

2nd you need to be in last spot.

Then you need to be good and get lucky and not get trolled.

Really have to wonder what achievement designers objectives are.

To be honest not a lot in this list that excites me.

24 cars may not mean 24 players. You might be able to do it with a private lobby and all AI opponents on easy.

I guess we’ll have to find out. At the moment I’m siding with the stupid idea stance, almost as bad as the one where you have to use Kinect (on FM4 is it?). It’s as bad an idea as invading Russia in the winter.

If you play enough, it’ll happen eventually.

Let’s not forget how stupidly easy lobbies are now. Odds are you’ll get into many lobbies where you can dominate no matter your starting spot.

The only thing that will be hard is starting last since hoppers are set to random starting grid. Therefore, this achievement likely includes private lobbies where you can manipulate the start.

Won’t stop people misbehaving in public lobbies trying to get his achievement or trying to stop people getting it.

if we can earn the online achievements racing against the AI then I can get 900G out of this, otherwise maybe 650-700

Extremely stoked to see a 2015 F1 car in the game. Still holding out for a V8 and V10 F1 car to be added but Im not getting my hopes too high on that one.