Forza Motorsport 2023 will be the final Forza Motorsport game after that it's cancelled soz

Because the series passed away more than a year ago, when Forza Motorsport 2023 arrives, this Forza Motorsport will be the last Forza Motorsport game ever.

probably will flop pretty hard as it seems most of the diehard fanbase is moving on to better games since its taken to long for this game to release

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Have you the lotto numbers as well?

I disagree btw.


David, go to bed

I hope it’s the last one, that they add more tracks over time, and new car models.
it’s stupid to have 3 different games to play the same thing


Which is actually a good decision. You can completely change the software, platform, architecture and launch it with the same name without the need to get licenses again. If they go from FM8 to FM9 they have to again pay for licenses.

If they acquire licenses for 10-20 years in one go, they can keep upgrading the game with latest technology without paying to car manufacturers again and again. That’s how other Sims operate.


If Turn 10 decided to revive Forza Motorsport thus year, then the new Forza Motorsport is going to be the final Forza Motorsport game. 4 years after the new Forza Motorsport arrived, the series itself will pass away again.

Doubtful. While they’re aiming for FM8 to last an entire console generation (probably, as they’ll keep updating it through time with tons of new cars and tracks), it’s likely a possible FM9 will still happen, just not any time soon.

Don’t listen to this guy, he’s been this crazy for a while


Microsoft are already working on the successor to the Series, the FTC filings around the failed Activision bid confirmed that. There will be a next gen motorsport game for that as these games, like FPS, show off capabilities more than Minecraft or AoE.

Whether it will be called “Forza” or be rebranded is another matter altogether.

Will be their " last " because it’s a service game. It’s all " seasons " , " updates " and “expansions” from here on out… just add it all up until the next machine comes and " Boosts " the old game

Sure! Because, clearly, the lizard shapeshifter overlords will finally bring about the Mayan apocalypse. So there won’t be any more games. Except for the new Elder Scrolls: Saga of the Lusty Argonian Maid.

It’s too late to save the Forza Motorsport series now.

And thats fine as long as the bones are good. Just imagine how far ahead we’d be if we were still on FM4 with an up to date car list/graphics instead of the 5,6,7 fumble weve been dealing with since

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I think they will not do any FM after because they will keep ameliorating FM in the next years and it will became the ultimate racing game.

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I think this might happend too.
Like windows 10 a bit, various levels of updates if they called it creative updates or something that were more like new windows release, and it’s just called Forza Motorsport and updated forever and improved in many ways.

There is no advantage from user/gamer point of view with new game every other year. Community needs activity and to be a growing crowd.

I’m sure it will look stunning, and hope it will be sim improvement with updates frequency and spots on tires etc.

If they launch with one set of career modes they can increase those later. More DLC with loads of new locations and cars etc. Will be exiting times unless the modes of play are not on par with what you like. Not so fond of calendar stuff for races like FM3 had as one thing. A linear approach. FM7 is brilliant in my view. Just like a Smörgåsbord of options(yes, this is how it is spelled in swedish).

And thinking about release date I’m a bit sorry not now in spring, since this would make bugtracing done to a large extent for winter season where I play more games. Released late this year possibly means all gaming season for me might be blocked by turn-off bugs and no desire to race. So might be a year from now until stable and good for real dive in. Or it is polished enough and just fine, one never knows.

Been a bit late into each console gen when buying before, and that meant plenty bugfree games to buy cheap. Some things with Series X has not been alright on OS level even. Wheels suddenly stopped working for people, some odd shut down things like controller remains on for minutes after powering down. Took some months before that was fixed. I have some 4k problem with some games that crash, probably game itself, but still. Turning off 4k for DR2 it is stable. But could be an OS thing also. Seems not all devs got the hang of Series X either, more of crashes like for ACC etc. How to make a stable port from PC.

Hope that Turn10 has more sense and not going the route that Microsoft with Windows 11. More and more huge white spaces with hardly anything to guide eyes. Absolutely horrible. and eyes wander about trying to navigate. Did MS fire all designers or rookies right from school?

Xbox looks decent though, but they move stuff around so you don’t find things anymore. Took a good while to find how to unhide some games I uninstalled and hid from listing. Some years ago it was some odd 3-button combination on controller, and since moved to various spots in menu system. Like things are not quite thought through from start. How you add game groups and then make them show up on dashboard is still a bit flimsy, meny many operations.