Forza Motorsport 2 Question

Hi guys,
I have been planing of buying Forza Motorsport 2 Platinum Hits Edition and I’ve seen the content it… contents.

And I went on Google Image to see what there could be.

And I saw a picture of a car drifting on Fujimi Kaido.

When I checked later on today, to check the content that Forza 2 Platinum Hits… contents…
It did not… content Fujimi Kaido…

Just Twin Rig Motegi and Road Atlanta.

Do you know why?
Was the picture maybe… faked?

The picture I saw was really containing the Forza 2 ‘‘badge’’ if I can say it like that.

Fujimi made it’s first arrival in FM3, so it’s definitely a fake.

What?! It was in FM1 you silly sod, I was racing it the other day with a Mine’s R34. Honestly can’t remember if it was in FM2 'cause I went straight to 3, but it debuted in FM1…

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So, if I understand, it’s first appearance was on Forza 1?
Well, yes, in theory.

Though, I’m not sure, but the Fujimi Kaido on FM1 was called like Blue Mountain Raceway or something like that.
Am I right?

No Fujimi Kaido on FM2?

That’s correct. I wasn’t thinking, lol.

It was in FM1, FM3 and FM4 (not sure about FM5 - haven’t got it.)

Not in FM5 Dribbly.

And another thing.

Another proof;

the car drifting on there was the Nissan 350Z you see on the coverture of the game.


Nope, it was known as Fujimi Kaido in FM1. It was also a much prettier Fujimi… Blue Mountain Raceway was Bathurst.

Also, to get this thread finished up… I’m playing FM2 right now: Fuijimi Kaido is NOT in my track selection list. End of discussion.

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Then what is this? Forza Motorsport (Original Xbox) - Online 1v1 on Fujimi Kaido using Xlink Kai - YouTube

Second of all, now that I am reading this thread, I think I used to write like an idiot, like I had no comprehension of English.

It’s not perfect, but there definitly has been an improvement… (I just want to say I rarely speak English).

That’s Forza Motorsport 1 bro. Lol

That’s the effect of posting at late hours: I think we are debating of Forza 1 and I give you some Forza 1 - but we’re talking Forza 2…

My bad.