Forza Monthly livestream - September 10

Hopefully this isn’t the final update for FM7. I’m fine with no more car packs or spotlight cars after this. We have over 800 cars now, that’s enouugh but I’d love the game to continue to be supported during Horizon’s release. Unlikely I know.

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I believe there is 1 more free car pack coming. They initially said 2 more car packs in Car Pass. 1 was released so far.
"Which group of cars should be added to the #Forza7 Specialty Dealer today? Vote during #ForzaMonthly starting at 1 p.m. Pacific: Forza Motorsport is on Facebook Gaming "

Stream Schedule:

  • FH4 Gameplay - 2018 Ford Mustang in studio
  • Gamescom 2018 Recap
  • Specialty Dealer Poll
  • FM7: Meetups
  • FM7: Experimental Drag
  • FM7: Player Events
  • FM7: Spotlight Car
  • FM7 Wrap Up
  • Specialty Dealer Poll Results
  • ForzaRC Series 2
  • FH4: Halo Showcase

No news from the race regulations system? :frowning: