Forza Monthly livestream Nov. 6 | American Automotive (Series 27 ) preview

The pack with the Porsche 718 GT4 RS has some issues of which one was introduced with the last update.

The mapping of the KTM is also subpar with skewed/stretched and overlapping parts. Which shows that they aren’t able to listen and learn. That said the three mentioned cars are ok and perform well. The 718 also has a nice sound. I haven’t tested the fourth car of the pack as I’m not really interested in it.

So far I’ve only bought this pack and the Italian one. The first and the US one don’t have any cars that interest me. Except for the new van maybe but I’m not buying a pack for a single car.

I assume you’re talking about the Donkervoort? The brand is actually a thing. Maybe comparable to Wiesmann or Spyker at least when it comes exclusiveness. But I also don’t have any connection to it and have never driven it so far.

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