Forza Marshal

So the “marshals “ that are in this game are a joke. The never do what’s right. Heck half the time they’re causing issues. We need new marshals and not through the buddy program. T10 do better! Two marshals should never start off as friends with another. All that does is promote bad policing!

The marshal program doesnt just rely on the ‘buddy program’ to find members If you experience issues in a lobby with a race marshal then i would urge you to try and get as much evidence as possible (preferably video) and submit a ticket via the support system.

They take any misuse of race marshal powers very seriously.


Hi WD,
Where can one apply for marshal status? Been on Forza for years yet cannot seem to find an answer to this question.

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Its not really a case of it being a position you apply for atm (although that may change in the future with the launch of the new game) theyll usually find and approach you. However I will pass on that youre interested in a position.