Forza Listening to Commhntiy Feedback

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I am aware that Forza have recently updated some engine sounds due to the community feedback, and after seeing this it has made me realise what features I think should definitely be put in.

First is paintable brake calipers. I’ve already seen it on the Senna and a few other cars, but the option to actually paint the brake calipers as a separate body part (whether it’s a stock calipers or upgraded one) would be very useful especially for people who like making nice specs on cars.

Secondly is the ability to paint vinyl shapes in any of the ‘Special Colours’. This would also be extremely useful as sometimes painting the car a special colour and then using vinyl to mask over it doesn’t work, especially if you want the car part carbon and part metal flake.

These next two are ones that I would like however I understand if they wouldn’t be possible. These are customisable interiors, and the ability to use any stock manufacturer rims on other cars of that manufacturer (ie Porsche GT2RS wheels on a Porsche 918).

Forza Horizon 4 Features Wishlists

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