Forza Hub not updating Ultimate Pass skills

nullHi everyone,

I’m having this issue where my Ultimate Pass skills are not updating on Forza Hub. On Forza Hub it says that I have 0/50 Ultimate Pass Skills, while my stats in the game say that I have 100+. Am I the only with this issue, or are there more people experiencing this?

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No, you are not the only one. Same problem.

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No, you are not the only one. Same problem here in the UK on my XB1X. Been like it since day 1.

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Same problem, hasn’t worked at all!!!

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Same here.

Similar to the achievements not unlocking in horizon 3…

Hmm, that does work for me so that is not a global issue I think

Same here

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Same, says I have 0 gamerscore for it as well

It’s a known issue and it will be fixed shortly, check the Forza Rewards thread in the News Discussion forum.


Aquarius, same issue here. But I have another one that you do not. For Car masteries completed, I see that you are at 3/50. I am at 0/50 and yet I bought 49 of them.
So my question: Have you bought 3 car masteries (i.e. I have an issue) or have you bought all the car masteries for 3 cars (i.e. I have a lot of those to buy ;-)) ?
Thank you.

Car masteries only count when you buy all the perks for a car (except the one’s that can be bought multiple times). It’s a very grindy process I think

For the Forza Hub status you actually need to fully purchase all of the perks in a given car (except the ones that can be bought multiple times). That means buying ALL the perks for 50 cars total, not just 50 different perks

Also, i’m having the same problem of Ultimate Passes not registering at all.

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Me too.

Yep, still not updating even after last FH4 update, is this particularly tricky to fix or are you devs just pressed for time fixing other glitches?

As of 00:45 gmt on 25th oct 2018 ultimate pass now recorded in forza hub!

Same issue as well

Same here.

Same here, I was getting ready to make my own post about it before I found this.

My ultimate passes have updated today

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Mine have too

Bet it wont stop people creating new threads posting there’s havent updated though

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