Forza Hub no longer works after FM6 unveiled

Okay, this is wierd:

Ever since the message “Introducing Forza Motorsport 6…” has started accompanying the main F.Hub launch page… the app just doesn’t launch.

I let it sit for minutes and minutes… nothing. There’s nothing wrong with my console or internet connection, believe me. Everything works as it should.

It’s not really an issue; I can always redeem my rewards here, but I’d like to know why it’s just stopped working and if anyone of yous have had the same issue.


Have you tried re-installng the app?

I’ve been having sign-in issues that seem to be related to the Forza Hub but they clear after restarting the console by holding the console power button.

I’ve done everything I can with the console as well as the app, including reinstalling it.

Why am I only having this issue? MP and everything else on XLive is working fine.

Strange, mine work fine. The score hasn’t updated but other than that it works

This might sound silly asking, but I’m on the Forza Hub right now. So when you start up Forza Hub, it comes up with the “Pre-order Forza Motorsport 6 Today!” screen. This is the silly part. Do you press down on the D-pad so you can highlight the “Remind Me Later” button in the lower left hand corner and press A? Just a silly thought.

I just tried running Forza Hub again to get the PG free car pack… I don’t even get to the ‘pre-order FM6 today’ part… it just says: ‘Presenting FM6…’

That’s it. No option to pre-order it or “remind me later”.

What do you suppose is wrong with it? This is really getting on my nerves like you can’t imagine. I want the free friggin car pack!

All is OK:

Xbox Live
Other Apps
Network Performance

EVERYTHING checks out fine. Even tried relaunching and reinstalling F.Hub several times. Can’t believe there’s nothing on Google either.

Hahaha… now, how in they heck am I supposed to know that down has to be pressed on D-pad?? How bizarre!

YOU…! Robert DeNiro face

I’d say redo everything! I mean restart your modem/router/gateway, unplug all your stuff relating, reinstall the app. I recently had my internet speed increased and i re powered everything. my forza hub was acting wonky, and all my playing on horizon/ F&F stand alone/forza 4 stats never changed. Now after doing all that the one is running better and everything has updated. I’d say there’s a glitch somewhere. Just repower everything and reinstall the app to be on the safe side. If that doesn’t help no idea what it could be.

Sure, I’ll give it another go… but I can tell you I’ve tried the turn everything off then back on method multiple times, including fresh installs. The damn thing just doesn’t want to launch properly to connect with Forza servers.

Well, you’re feeling isn’t too far off, since I appear to be the ONLY one who’s app won’t launch. My NAT type usually remains Open to Moderate. Download: 3.7 mbps, Upload: 0.4 mbps, Latency: usually between 100 and 200 ms, Packet Loss: zero.

These readings were pretty much the same when I was launching F.Hub before the “Presenting FM6…” started popping up. Since that message, I’ve had no luck at all with it.

Those are your problems right there!!!
Get better internet.
If your not hard wired, do that.

10 down, 5 up should be minimal for something like the one.

I only get around 20-50 for my ping to xbox and I’m in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Go to network settings and show us a screenshot of your connection numbers. I have a feeling its you.


Got help from a local forum - I’m told the app tries to redirect you to YouTube, which doesn’t work in many SE Asian regions including Pakistan… and well, there’s no skip video option… hence the spinning wheel and stuck loading screen.

Now what? Will I ever get to see a skip video option to get to my beloved Forza Hub???

Hey there, thanks for the report. We’re looking into this and will see what we can do to get this fixed up for you. With any luck we’ll have an update out this afternoon that get you back to the Hub.


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Dear WP,

Thank you so much for responding to my cries for help!

Hope to see this update soon; I’m just itching here to download the PG Select Car Pack, and this appears to be the only way.

I highly appreciate you taking the time to look into this; will keep you in the loop as soon as its starts working again.

Best regards,
A very avid and longtime fan of your games! :slight_smile:

No mate, I don’t think that’s it. I’ve done multiplayer in both FH and FM on the X1, and everything works fine… aside from the occassional lag… cars moving around like lego pieces or floating in mid-air, everything works good, including downloads from XLive.

Forza Hub was running like a charm before the YouTube integration came into play (Introducing Forza Motorsport 6…).

As I pointed out in my post above, the app gets stuck at the YouTube video, and I see no option to skip or bypass that. YT doesn’t work in Pakistan, which is why the wheel keeps spinning and I see the “Introducing FM6…” message. Got help from a local gamers’ forum in identifying the issue.

Hello there.

Just thought I’d give you a tiny update: the app doesn’t work at all now. It says: “Sorry, FH is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

When can I access it again? Already missed out on the 2 free Porsche cars; don’t want to miss out on the free select car pack.

1 up should be good enough