Forza Hub is temporarily unavailable


I have this problem for close to 2 weeks, when i start Forza Hub it starts loading for like 20 seconds an then this message appears “Forza Hub is temporarily unavailable please try again later”
everything else works forza horizon 2 online and every game on my xbox. I’ve tried to turn the xbox one on and off and the message is still there I’ve turned my modem or router a few times but nothing works I hope somebody helps me thanks.

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Same problem here.

  • Already deleted the app and re-installed it ?

  • Tried it after a “hard restart” of the XB1 ?

Yes and yes. Still not working.

If the error occurred ~ 2 weeks ago it might have something to do with the latest OS-update.

Can you launch the app logged in as a different user on the same console ?

I just tried this. Still nothing. Forza Hub not working for the past 2 weeks.
“Forza Hub is temporarily unavailable please try again later”

Ok :frowning:

Do you have the possibility to check it on another XB1 ?

It would help to figure out if the problem is your console or your account .


I really hope they’ll fix this problem cuz I want my rewards!! (For all…FH2, FM5, FM6)

You can redeem the rewards also via the website:

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I didn’t know! Thank you!

same here+1

Mine worked fine on Friday evening. Will have a look again later.

Who can I contact to solve the problem? I also want the app to work on my xbox one. I think that to get some cars you specifically need the HUB, right?

EDIT: it works fine now, finally