Forza hub bug

Hello everyone
I have noticed for 2 weeks that the forza hub indicates bonuses for the old forza (horizon 2 motor sport 5 and 6) but impossible to obtain them. Anyone know when these will be fixed?

I’ve noticed this, too, we’ll see tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath. Unexpectedly my FM6 stats updated putting me up a tier into tier 9 earlier today. I got the extra 50k in FH3, FM7 and FH4 but not, as you wrote, FM5, FH2 or FM6. It’s picking up drivatar rewards in FM5 and FM6 so there is communication.

That stated about communication, I’ve had a lot of indications of connectivity problems in the last week or so. Other games are not affected, it’s just these ones. Content not available in FH2 or FM6, presumably it can’t tell that I am allowed to play the DLC that’s installed. Messages unavailable because the server is unavailable. That kind of thing. But I just got the drivatar message for 30th September one minute ago so the gift message, if present, should get sent.