Forza Horizon Playlist for summer 82% complete? Can't get the porsche?

Because of the amount of crashing in the online adventures I was unable to get the Porsche from Summer. What do I do? Look I don’t mind the Forzathon thing. Heck it’s easy for me to do. But If I can’t complete the summer playlist I can’t get 100% on the forzathon festival playlist which means no Ford Capri and Ferrari F50.

You have a month to complete the online series, not just a week. There is also an update coming “soon” that reduces the requirement to 80% and will apply rewards retrospectively, so once the update hits, hello Porsche.

Fresh off the press (in Discord):

FlawlessCowboyToday at 10:20 AM
Hey folks, we have an update in the final stages of testing that should go out early next week to adjust the Festival Playlist requirements. Across the board this will reduce the 100% goals down to 80%.
Although how you get to 80% is up to you, this would afford you to skip Online Adventure AND a couple of dailies.

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WHoaaa I did not know this.