Forza Horizon Features that can be cool :)

Forza can probably add blinkers it would be very good for roleplays.

idk how they would even add that but what i want is

  • a way to filter electric cars, i like the way electric cars drive but unless i look it up or go with one of the cars that i know is electric i have no idea which other cars are electric.

  • a sort by last driven

  • a quick way to replay/load event lab races after collecting the rewards, (sure you can hit restart, but then you don’t get anything for it)

  • bring back the ability to download tunes in the pre race menu

  • make it easier to make touge maps in event lab

  • fix the favorites list in event lab (i have a bunch of maps that i’ve hit fav on and they don’t show up in the fav list)

these are the things i would want over blinkers.

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  • A real auto transmission option with P-R-N-D-S
  • Be able to open hood, doors and trunk in freeroam to take pictures
  • Paintable windows, tyres and black body trim
  • Manually select headlights on/off
  • Manual selection of day-night in menu
  • Paint vinyls in different textures like with paint
  • Paintable interiors
  • Add seperate paint sections for windows for front windshield, front windows, rear windows
  • Seperate customisation of front and rear wheels
  • More custom hood scoops for muscle cars (especially blowers)
  • Customise exhaust tips
  • Raise paint design and tune limit
  • Fix/add more engine swaps
  • Be able to place avatar next to vehicle in freeroam in Photo Mode (what else are all those clothing items good for?)
  • Customise interior by allowing us to strip it and add a race seat like in Forza Motorsport (I think this only applied with race weight reduction)

all of this is 10/10

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