Forza Horizon connected to Philips Hue Ligths


With the help of my son, I’ve created an app for Forza users with Philips Hue lights.
Idea is to integrate Hue lights with Forza telemetry data.
Initially we wrote this app which changes the color of selected lights according to the speed of car.
When the car is slow , selected lights are green, then with the increasing speed , lights first turn yellow and then red. At first the range is between 0 and 200 , but if you go beyond 200 , range is changing adaptively.

The app is free and supported by ads. But if you prefer not seeing any ads, there is an in-app-purchase allowing you to run the app in the background.
Important note:
If you want to bind lights , prefer grouping them in a zone or a room. Otherwise they are not going in sync.
App is for Android mobile devices:

We are open to feedback and willing to add new features (additional colors, light effects etc.) on request. Please contact me from Google Play Store developer contact if you have any issues, problems or any ideas to add.

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This is kind of a nice idea. I only have Philips TV with the lights at the back that change according to what’s on the screen and it’s really cool when playing in a dark room, especially racing games.

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thanks for your feedback.