Forza Horizon 6 Suggestions

Ok, so let’s talk about what Forza Horizon 6 will
need to have to be the best Horizon yet. Here are some of my suggestions; the map must be one to one scale of Japan cuz we know they can do it (ofc), more everyday cars, possibly missions, like if you deliver something you get a reward, 700+ cars at launch, and 2 step. Feel free to reply with your own ideas!

Yup Japan.
Must include a decent city, more hills
Better car customization
Ranked online racing
Fix the rampant cheating that’s plaguing Horizon 5. Stop the game from being hacked / modded.
Re work Forzathon events. The hourly Forzathon in Horizon 4 was better than what we have in Horizon 5 where you’re pretty much on your own
Rework player houses so that we have an actual garage for our favourite cars
Unlimited number of downloaded tunes

And 2 years after launch it should get its first DLC: Lego. And another 5 years after that it should get its second DLC: barbie power wheels