Forza Horizon 6 dream wishlist


Dubai and UAE (possibility 1)
Ukraine (possibility 2)
Japan (possibility 3)
Monaco, Italy, France (possibility 4)
Germany (possibility 5)
PRC China (possibility 6)
USA (possibility 7)
England (possibility 8)


800 to 1000 cars
Toggle coupe/convertible car models if a car has an convertible variant
Car wash, photo mode allowed
Character posing in front of your car in photo mode (must be on stable ground, can’t be during a race)
Customize exhaust sound and noise tuning, as well as brand and type
Swimwear clothing options, including shirtless and bikini
Interior customization
House customization
Country music station
Classical music station
Seasonal music station
Spotify streaming
Full avatar body and genitals customization
Lifted truck customization

I think if the upcoming Test Drive Solar Crown is a success then Playground Games will need to lift their game and give us a decent map with a major city then engaging rural roads. Japan seems the logical choice.

What I want includes:
Better map. Horizon 5 feels empty. Maybe that’s how it is in Mexico but earlier Horizon games had better maps
Nitrous boost kits
Some form of progression as we had in earlier Horizon games
Ranked online racing (with a system that works)
Better thought out penalties for rammers
Cop cars and chases