Forza horizon 5 server is not currently available on Xbox One

My Forza Horizon 5 on my Xbox One has been for a long time giving me this pop up saying "forza horizon 5 server is not currently available"and always starts with the fallback series and literally makes my game impossible to play with friends. Any help and solutions to this problem would be great.

Had the same issue.
Microsoft has been having major issues with XBOX consoles.

I was able to fix most of it by holding down the power button till it turns off.
Then unplug the power cord in the back for about 1 minute.
I have seen other say 20 minutes, but don’t think that is necessary.

What you have essentially done is reset the XBOX and dumped the cache files.
It deletes all of the unneccesary files that can accumulate in your system.

NEXT - go to your settings, and check for an XBOX update - if you haven’t done this recently - it will be there.

It is the fix that is supposed to take care of the network disconnect issues.

Hope this helps.

It worked for me . . .