Forza Horizon 5 - Online Team Racing - Rankings

How was this not added on this game yet!
Thousands of players dont have the confidence or motivation to go online racing on their own, or even with friends from same club or not. And they would happily join a team ranked race, as the responsibility would be shared and they could actually have fun!
The FH4 mode was very well thought apart from the way the ranking was done and updated!
We NEED that online mode to come back, and have a team ranked for players and clubs! Just not that one where players lose points by staying second place behind a lower ranked player!
Just focus on races won or podiums and keep adding! Have a new ranking for each Series and keep an ALL Time one. As for the races just give points to positions and teams that lose players just simply get the points from their positions (happy for 1st 3 positions getting more points that all others together)
Many Thousands of players are waiting for this !!!

Too many salty individuals claimed ranked was toxic, mainly because they suck at driving and despite ranked being optional wanted to ruin it for the rest of us. Subsequently the devs listened to this small minority and excluded it from FH5. We now have a leaderboard which doesn’t rank players on skill but on timed played. The #1 player right now has no life outside of online racing.

I will give the devs credit for one thing though. Prior to adding custom racing and the leaderboard there were next to no skilled drivers in online racing which made it not competitive. Post these changes the number of skilled players queuing up has increased 10 fold which makes racing competitive again, atleast for now.

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Remember to vote on this yourself, your own vote counts as well.

Thank you ; )
I had no clue about the voting system!

I think that would be sorted with a ranking for each series! And for example, one that would simply count victories. I know of many players that are still waiting for Team ranked racing to come back to forza!

A ranking for each series is too short. But I think resetting ranks every 3 or 6 months and awarding players with some sort of accolade and badge would be a good idea.

In terms of counting victories only, no this is a bad idea as it’s no different to the current stupid leaderboard where the top players are those who play the most opposed to the best drivers.

I would be happy with “anything” really. I think short ones would work better, as the game SHOULD award the players that play. If the best drivers dont play that often, dont see the point of giving the top spots, and I don’t think they would bother too! as when they decide to play, they would beat those top spots anyway!
But Team Racing Online would definitely bring more players to online, and you would always have the Single Player option as it is!

I always use to warm up by doing one round of team ranked before queueing for ranked solo. I remember team ranked was always full so quite popular. Only thing I hated with a passion was the disconnection bug. For that reason I never took ranked team seriously or any ranked team grandmasters seriously.

; ) I see you are very competitive!
I just like to play - but didnt stop me being grandmaster on both ranked and solo ; )
The disconnection bug was bad, but got much worst when they start not adding points when anyone from the players on any team got disconnected (on purpose or not)!
I’m going to add a new suggestion to turn Horizon Tour on a Team Racing, ideally with club rank!! and when players get disconnected they could be replaced by AI! Wouldnt that be fun and popular!!!

I may have no respect for team grandmasters but I have full respect for solo grandmasters. Your names not familiar to me though. Did you hit solo grand master early on?

No, more towards the middle, I played with different accounts and all got to at least 2nd division, but on my bruuno2 account I got the solo grandmaster. My second account became my main one, after forza could not recover my bruunograca game data!! that I had 100% completion - that was disappointing! And made me stop trying to get 100% on any account.
On FH5 im doing fine ; ) You can find me currently on top 10 of Horizon Open (I know you dont respect!! lol) Or on top 100 of Hall of Fame! and with 8 stars !! But im going to start working this week so I’ll be forced to slow down.
On FH4, I stopped playing since FH5 release, but i bet if I go back there and do 1 race! I get my divison back (which i think i did a couple of months ago on one of my accounts) - which I think its very unfair for players that actually play the game! And i also bet that no one can move divisions up if there are no high division players racing!! There needs to have a balance and I believe the game should reward more the players that play more! And leave the “Pro Players” in a different place (like rivals! or special tournaments ; )

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Yeah, as you know I do think the new leaderboard is a joke but I have to give credit to the devs as it has made online racing considerably more competitive then what it was previously.

I do wish they added back or introduced a rating system for solo queue racing, team queue racing and for eliminator where your rating increases when you win and decreases when you lose.

Going back to FH4, ranked solo got my adrenaline running. It was intense and exciting. Nothing in FH5 has made me feel that way because there are no consequences to losing. It’s a big shame imo.

Like the fact you were a solo grandmaster tells me you’re a vastly better driver then me. But the fact you may be in the top 10 leaderboard just tells me you play ALOT.

PUT RANKED GAMES AGAIIIIIIN! Can’t they understand that this is what keep a game alive for years?? Honestly I’ll just go back to FH4 :man_shrugging:t2:
They really messed up on that point

It seems like FH4 ranked games don’t work anymore or at least not for me. I’ve played a bunch of ranked individual races recently and after every race I remain unranked, which is very disappointing. FH5 doesn’t have ranked races either, so Forza has no ranked racing options available (at least for me).

Why play a video game (or any game) if there isn’t some competition? Why remove the most competitive aspect of the game? It was an optional game mode, so people who didn’t want to compete in that manner didn’t have to.

I have to believe that either people dont care about having ranked racing, or they want it. Who would be against having an extra racing option that didnt affect any other parts of the game? I’ve also read a bunch of comments on various forums about people wanting ranked racing back.

Microsoft! Do you read these? Are your really customer obsessed? Do better!