Forza Horizon 5 Mexico car suggestions

This is the first time requesting cars. So far, i’ve been happy with the recently added cars. But I think there are cars produced in this world that the developers have never even heard of or considered for FH5. Cars that are reasonably priced and also interesting.

Toyota Camery TRD
Toyota Mark X 350 GR
Nissan Skyline 350G (4 dr sedan)
Honda Accord Euro R/Type S
Skoda Octavia VRS
Suzuki Swift Sport
Mitsubishi Galant VR4
BMW M750i
Audi S8 Plus
Mercedes Benz S63 AMG
Honda Ridgeline
Mazda 323 Familia
Ford Explorer
Ford Tarus
Toyota Altezza/2002 Lexus IS300
And so much more.

I’m not suggesting that all these cars be added. That would be ridiculous. But you guys can take a look at the list and choose at least two. Or do more research into various car culture around the world. Because you have to remember that all regions don’t share the same car market.