Forza Horizon 5 - Forzathon Update 6 Issue

Hi, today when I was playing FH5 I noticed 2 weird bugs:

  • A daily challenge where you need to earn 9 stars with a van or commercial vehicle won’t work;
  • The 2 eventlab gave me an error when I tried to open them.
    Do you know which is the issue? I am the only one to have this problem?

What vehicle were you using? There’s a specific category for ‘Vans & Utility’

For the Event Labs, usually restarting the game works.

To me, even if I restart the game, they wont works.
However for the challenge I used both the GMC van and the chinese minivan, but none.
I think that’s a PC issue or my savegame, Idk.
Ah, if you want to know, I play it on Steam.

I have the same issue as you I had contacted Forza support followed all there instructions reset the game so it could sync up, manually update the DLC via Microsoft store, uninstall the game and reinstall it. It is still the same. I can’t open the 2 event lab on series 6 festival playlist an ERROR prompt is showing. I play on pc with windows 11 idk what to do. maybe if you have solutions let me know thanks.