Forza Horizon 5 can't launch

Hello, it’s me again with a new problem

now, after about 2 or 3 weeks since my game started to properly work again, the next big issue came up outta nowhere: I can’t start the game at all
I open up the XBox app, go to my library, choose FH5 and hit “play”, but after a short while loading, this comes up:

(if it’s hard to read, the error code is this: 0x800701b1)

of course, since Google is my best friend, i looked it up and found this:
My Game is Not Launching or is Crashing on PC – Forza Support (

of course I tried these possible solutions, but unfortunately, no success
at least, Team Forzais honest and admits that they know what the problem is

I tried a couple of things like reinstalling the game (+2 hours of download due to my internet connection at home), resetting FH5, Xbox and Microsoft Store in windows settings, “repairing”, try to launch as admin (works even worse than with the usual user account due to the stupid WindowsApps security settings - srsly, what the f Team Forza?) but nothing helped

Therefore, I seek for advice here in the holy areas of the Forza forum
I will be deeply grateful if anyone can help
even if it doesn’t work, I’d still be very thankful

best regards
Ben D.

P.S.: I don’t know if it plays a role, but here are my PC specs:
MoBo: Asus prime B550 plus
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (4x8GB) 3200MHz
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X
GPU: Asus Radeon RX6600XT 8GB
Storage: 2x Samsung 970 M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD
2x Samsung 860 EVO 1TB Sata SSD
PSU: Silverstone TUF Gaming edition 650w 80+ gold


check ur private messages mate :slight_smile:

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Salut à toi, j’ai également ce problème mais avec un code erreur différent moi j’ai ça Code d’erreur : (0x80004005) et ça commence à ma saouler depuis que j’ai acheté le jeu j’ai que des soucis avec… tu as su le réparer toi ?

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salut Floralux,
malheureusement, je n’avais pas jamais la probleme avec la code 0x80004005
qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans Google si tu cherche pour cette code?

(mon francais n’est pas le meilleur et le traducteur de Google aide-moi beaucoup :smiley: )

pas de soucis c’est déjà sympa que tu me répond. Google m’indique que cela peux provenir de pleins de choses mais aucun ne fait parties de mon cas…

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Tu as la solution ?

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the forza forums are english only. If u use other languages, this post is very likely to be deleted.


malheureusement, non, je n’ai pas une solution, mon ami

do you have a solution for the problem ?

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alright, back to english :+1:


I’m having the exact same issue. I haven’t played for about a week and yesterday this error message popped up when launching the game. I tried many possible fixes but nothing helped me either… it is really frustrating!


this might help

you can also ask for help here: FH5 crashes on launch with the error code 0x800701b1


Same issue here. Cannot start the game since yesterday.
Checked the Firewall. Its already allowed. Whats next to check?

My setting:
CPU: i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz

GPU: ASUS Tuf Gaming RTX 3070 Ti OC

Mobo: ASUS Tuf Gaming Z590-Plus

RAM: 4x 16 GB Corsair Vengance 3600 MHz

Storage: Samsung NVME 980 Pro

PSU: be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER 11 ATX 750W 80Plus Gold BN283

OS: Windows 11 Pro (21H2 build 22000.593)

Graphics Driver: GeForce Game Ready Driver 512.15


I am getting the same error message as well this morning. checked windows update and firewall. Hoping for a solution here soon.


Is it an issue with windows/store? it sounds like it is.

If you have Steam, is there any way to transfer the game over to Steam to see if that fixes the issue?

Windows/MS store is gargage at the best of times.

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basically, I wonder if the problem is within the game files or gaming service/Xbox/Microsoft Store related
therefore I deactivated my internet (WiFi, not LAN) and tried to start the game
guess what, after quite a bit of loading, the game started !!! finally
of course since it couldn’t load my “save game” due to Xbox cloud save (srsly Microsoft, what were you thinking), it was like as if I started a new game
the next thing I tried was starting the game offline and when the loading screen (still not in the game) completes/skips the step “checking for updates”, I activated my internet
the result: until the game loaded into the main menu, I was connected to the internet and the game asked me which save files I wanna load: local files or cloud files
don’t forget: your main save game since the beginning of the game has always been online, therefore always cloud save!!!
then of course, as usual when you try to load your cloud save, it needs to be loaded through the potato servers of Xbox which takes “ages” (just like now: when I started writing this reply about 10 minutes ago, the synchronisation started and after 10 minutes, it could only achieve 20% :smiling_face_with_tear: )

so, here in short:

  1. disconnect from your internet
  2. start the game (best way is through .exe file) → the loading screen off game takes longer than usual
  3. wait until you see that the step “checking for updates” is done/completed/skipped
    → connect to your internet (and hope that the connection gets built right away)
  4. wait till the intro loading videos are over
  5. now there are 2 options:
    5.1 IF you have tried to start the game offline and have been in the main menu without internet, then a new save file has been created on your PC → if that’s the case, you’ll have to load your cloud save when asked
    5.2 IF you didn’t start the game offline while trying to find a solution like me, then you (probably) won’t have to choose a save file

I will update this reply once my cloud save file has been loaded completely and let’s hope that this’ll do the trick

(sry for the very long text)

P.S.: please keep me updated if it worked in your cases if you guys also tried my “solution”

UPDATE: for now, my cloud save has been fully loaded and I’m playing like I usually do

but also on a serious note, this definitely can’t and shouldn’t be the only solution
Microsoft really needs to do something about this
I didn’t pay 100€ only to encounter big game breaking bugs
first the “servers aren’t available” and “spare season” bug and now this
if Microsoft really gets to read this, maybe this might give them a hint: the new error occurs when the game tries to start and gets to the point “checking for updates” in the loading screen before the .exe actually starts
AND for the love of God, Microsoft, please, don’t use these ridiculous bots as your Forza support!!!
Except for U.S. residents, the Forza support doesn’t work for the rest of world (it really doesn’t, I’m not exagerrating)

Peace out, I’m out enjoying Forza now (until the next game breaking bug appears :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thank you…

Can confirm. this temporary solution does work. create a desktop icon through the xbox app by clicking on the 3 (…) dots and click on manage. then left click on your wifi widget on bottom right corner of the desktop. turn on Airplane mode. launch game through desktop short cut. wait for game to say loading then immediately turn off airplane mode. game loaded up for me, although I did have to re-adjust my graphical settings and resolution. Also, vibration in my controller doesn’t seem to be working. thanks again for the hotfix. hope this helps everyone else. Cheers!!!

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re-adjusting the graphics was the same in my case
but somehow, creating a desktop icon via XBox app doesn’t work
I don’t know why tho, it just doesn’t do anything in my case

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That is odd. Just tried it myself and it didn’t create a new shortcut. You can however create one either by scrolling through the start menu and through the programs and just do a simple drag and drop. You can also search for FH5 in search bar and pin in it to start and drag and drop the icon in your start or just pin it to task bar. Either of those options worked for me.

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Sadly this does not work for me. I cannot get past the launcher. When turning on airplane mode the bottom right corner says signing in longer than usual but afterwards I immediately get the same error message.

EDIT: Actually the error code is different that way: 0x89235106

EDIT2: Okay so the reason why my game does not start without internet seems to be a microsoft store setting that I did not have enabled to allow offline permissions for licensed games. Unfortunately a game needs to be successfully started at least once after toggling that setting for it to work…