Forza Horizon 4 Update 7 Feedback

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I thought that German wall got torn down…


Mods will lock this thread for not speaking English, which I don’t really agree with. Basically limiting interaction with the community based on what language you speak. Just trying to give you a fair heads up.

Moderatirs werden diesen Thread sperren, wenn Sie kein Englisch sprechen, was ich nicht wirklich zustimme. Sie beschränken grundsätzlich die Interaktion mit der Community basierend auf der Sprache, die Sie sprechen. Ich versuche nur, Ihnen einen fairen Kopf zu geben.

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They won’t lock the thread if you edit the original post to include the English translation (Google Translate is fine if you’re not comfortable writing in English).

@Bounty44 They pretty much have to enforce a common language here on the forums, otherwise you get a bunch of little sub communities for each language which don’t really interact with each other. Some forums will have an international section, but outside of that I totally understand wanting to use a common language.

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Please use existing threads such as the Update 7 Release Notes thread or specific topic to add your feedback to previous discussion.