forza horizon 4 banned 8 days and not answare

hello forza support you have banned my i try to speak to official foza forum i waiting 8 days and you dont answare me

They are going to tell you to submit a support ticket to inquire about your ban, so skip the wait time and open a support ticket at the link below.

Then be prepared to wait for a month, because their support team is just the micky mouse club.

Bounty44 yeah i ahve post at 9 days still nothing

And even then the only response is “Is this still happening?” followed by another month waiting…

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Lol this must be their official routine, took 30 days for me to get that message and after 44 days I gave up and closed the ticket. I’m not convinced anyone actually does support at their support site.

devilLettuce613 yeah that you say its soo true the worst support i have see in my life