Forza Horizon 3 - what to expect!!!???

Lately I’ve been wondering what Forza Horizon 3 will look like now that advent of FM6 is almost upon us and a reveal of FH3 is less than a year away. So this is what I envision that Turn 10/ Playground Games should do if they haven’t already done it for FH3.

  1. Leave the setting in Southern Europe, grandfathering the existing real estate as part of the new game and extending the map to Spain and the Mediterranean (Greece and Turkey would be nice as there is amazing history there – Olympics and Constantinople, currently Istanbul, respectively) to where the grandfathered real estate accounts for about a third of the expanded map.
  2. Enhance the grandfathered real estate to include 3d puddles and more or revised routes
  3. Weather should include real thunderstorms with lightening and wind as on Storm Island
  4. Expand the coastal highway to be three times what it is today and it should run from Spain to France to Italy to Greece and Turkey!
  5. Add more showcase events to include racing against the Concord somewhere in France
  6. More cars, of course and whatever cool features that Playground Games can conjure up.
  7. Also, include an airport with traffic to include the retired Concord taking off and landing that can be seen even when in free roam!!

But this is what I think the basis of FH3 should be for 2016!!!

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So this is really just a wishlist?


They should not do a horizon 3 but expand horizon 2 with addons. Next step would be the northern part of europe. Through the alps (snowy weather and streets) to Germany and all the countries around Germany. That would give really new settings and the variety that the game Needs.

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Those are great ideas. My instinct for Horizon 3 though is California. I don’t really mind where the game is set though, as long as there is a game, which judging by the success of the first two Horizons there must surely be.

Expanding the current map would be great as I really hoped for some mountain routes utilising the nearby alps. However I don’t think it would happen as not everybody buying the next installment will have horizon 2. My feeling for the next horizon would be a return to north america. Most possible cali but my other gut feeling is that we will get a rally game completely separate from motorsport or horizon.

You know, I never even thought about just expanding the map, that is a great idea. Euro Truck Simulator did the same thing, adding new regions of Europe.
Autobahn is a must.

If not, then I would like to race back on the expansive Shutoku Highway system of Japan. I miss the old Tokyo Xtreme Racer games and imagine how awesome the visuals would be. Race the Shinkansen bullet train could be an event.