Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Crashing often?

Hey all,

I’ve been really enjoying my time with Forza Horizon 2 today but I’ve run into a few instances… and they’re becoming more and more common of crashes… I have 4/6 destinations unlocked. The most recent crash was during a CR race against a pro Driveatar in the Montellino region… but I crashed before doing other things…

Something else I’ve found while playing is some “placeholder” (box) text when being compared to Club members… I dunno if either of these are happening to other people… I was curious to know if anyone else is having as crashy of an experience as I am…

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I am having the same issues and I just reached the Monticello circuit as well

I’m having similar issues, as i reached Montelino

sorry about your problem bud but i cannot play the game as its a freeze / glitch game on the xbox 360.

ive done the first 3 events and then the 4 glitches and freezes and on multiplayer it wont let me access it

if game isnt sorted by tuesday its getting sold

Yeah, this game crashes a lot. The first time it happened to me was during the first road trip, and then again in the second race.

It’s crashed about six or seven times for me so far. :confused:

Exact same two issues for me as well. Seems more likely to crash in the few seconds following an event when you’re returned to the open world. Perhaps something’s going wrong when writing progress to disk. Results in the xbox one hard locking. If the save is getting corrupted in some way, it might explain why we’re seeing strange values on the in-game leaderboards. Leaderboard values look something like: [□□□]□□□□□□□ - 999,999,999

El juego cuando se desconecta el mando sale un mensaje q se a desconectado,cuando lo vuelvo a conectar no me deja darle aceptar para continuar,incluso saliando a la interfaz el mando no funciona,tengo q apagar la xbox one,por favor solucionarlo

Since I realized the leaderboards were giving jacked up stats I decided to leave the car club I was in which had about 500 members ISR (iSimracing) and have not had a freeze or crash since and also no more jacked up leader board scores. If you are in a car club I recommend quitting the club and see if that fixes your freezes and game crashes

Yes, the crashes are annoying, but the worst ting about those dang crashes is the noise it makes, especially using Bose speakers maxed out.

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My game crashes as well. When it does, I can dashboard the game, then it restarts in the background.

Does anyone know if there is an upcoming update that will fix it?
For now I ejected the disc and shut the Xbox off completely.

I’m on 360 and I’m experiencing game breaking crashes. Sorry if off topic. It freezes sometimes when exiting vinyl groups, when saving vinyl groups (game breaking), and also random loading screens it freezes. Can’t open xbox guide button either

Also, I doubt it when you say you’re “enjoying your time with Forza Horizon 2” if it’s crashing all the time lol.

Have just joined a car club (More Oven) at Montellino and have tried three times to drive back to a meet that I missed in Sisteron, only to have the game crash each time (Xbone).

Will try again tomorrow, but if it appears that joining a car club causes these crashes, I shall be leaving the club asap…

Not had ANY problem at all with FH2 before this!

I’m in MoreOven as well, I notice most if not all my crashes are at the East Festival Speed Trap… Gonna leave the club and test it out.

EDIT: Yep, that fixed it.

I can’t even get past the home screen without being booted back to the dashboard. I don’t know what to do because I was hoping to play all day but that looks like it went out the window.

Yes my problems started when I was far enough into single player to join a car club and did so. Now that I have left the club I have played several hours without a freeze and all my leaderboards are reading normal again. So YES joining a club appears to be the problem!

Well this sucks I was looking forward to playing Horizon 2 this whole weekend…

Here’s a small video of my experience with this game so far…jist crashes…I restart game plays almost always!! Need a fix…anyone?

Click to go to YouTube

My Game (XB one) crashes when I leave Nice (towards the docks) when I’m in the Alpine 110, but not any other car. Also the skills don’t show on screen and the rivals graphic (speed trap etc) shows the other players name and score/speed/discovery as squares.

Anyone here experience any crashes specifically in the last four hours or so?

Also crashing too! My crashes seem to be when there is a lot of graphics processing (going down the highway with many cars on the road, or driving through many breakable trees at high speed). After waiting 15 seconds, the game reboots.

I have also noticed bum stats for club ISR. If you quit the club and rejoin, do you loose your stats?

Have been having great marathons with this game since friday the 3rd, i can play for about 6-7 hours before the game decides to crash and make a horrible sound. I can exit to dashbord during theese crashes and then the game reboots.
I really love this game but i hope turn 10 can fix the game crashes.