Forza Horizon 2 - Synchronization data problems


I have changed my email address on Microsoft Account, i have no problems with the Xbox One and games (like Forza Motorsport 5), but now, when i start playing Forza Horizon 2, the game “freeze” at the synchronization data screen. I can’t play with my savegame. Any idea? Thank you all


Same here 12 hours ago …

Sync was stuck at 68% for 2 hours.

Have you downloaded and installed the latest XB1 update ?

After that it worked for me. Took only 1 minute to complete after that.

If your console is already updated, just try another hard reset.

Or check the tons of the other sync problem threads in the FH2 forum.

But sometimes it’s very buggy and can take hours (literally).

Good luck.

Good afternoon estuo with synchronization problem when I load the horizon 2 forza lock in 91% already formatted the console installed again and not working the game anyone has any idea what is going on ???

If you haven’t deleted Local Saved Games, the syncing screen pops up for barely a second. It shouldn’t take longer than that… I imagine, unless you’ve been playing offline for a long time and then go online.

Both Hor 2 and FM5 weren’t syncing at all for me for a while, until a day or two ago, when both eventually synced. Though I’m still having no luck at all getting Forza Hub to work.

Thank you all for the answers, strangely now Forza Horizon 2 is working correctly, but the problem comes with Forza Motorsport 5. I guess there is some problem with Xbox Live