Forza Horizon 2 slow install?

Hi there

Forza Horizon 2 wont play online for me or access some cars it says still installing please wait at 100%. Now I’ve been playing the game for over 8 hours and waited til on the xbox one home screen it said installed 100% before even playing it, I’ve even went to My games and apps and go to Forza Horizon 2 settings and it shows nothing waiting to download. So I’ve uninstalled the game and now find that it is taking a very long time to install its been left on its on for two hours now and its currently sitting at 5% installed and It is a disc copy I have, Its really doing my head in I just want to play Forza online with my mates lol Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated thanks

I am also having the issue of trying to play online. It says it’s installing and is at 100%

Me too idk what goin on

I’m also getting this.

Game is broken for me as I ended up at a race which was not installed. Just stuck on installing… Please Wait.

Anyone got a fix for this?