Forza Horizon 2 - New Playground Game - Destruction Derby!

All the mechanics are there for this to happen, just force all damage on, on all cars for the round.

Would be so much more fun than King and Infected, c’mon you know you want to :slight_smile:



You can post your wishes here: You dont need to start a new thread.

The problem with this is once you have any kind of high speed hit, your engine will be killed and you’ll move nowhere. How exciting…

King and Infected is awesome and I didn’t know I wanted to. C’mon!

Plus, I don’t like the idea of a destruction derby. Once you crashed, you can’t drive anymore, and I think many trolls will ruin the lobbies. If you really want to do this, head on to Forza 4 and host these custom lobbies, those things that didn’t make it on Xbox One.

Anyways, I expect this thread ‘‘to crash’’ soon, but you can always head over to the designated thread to insert your request. At this point, it is unlikely to see this idea merge into the game, however it is not impossible in Forza 6 nor Horizon 3 if it will come.

Playground Games has to make DLC or add features that will be popular. At this point, the expansion or update or whatever you call it, will just end up like the Fast & Furious standalone game - desertic, two people still playing.


Destruction derby? Simple.

Find an empty field, and start amassing a big skill chain. The drivatars will start a derby in no time.

Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! That is so true… You can also drive normally on line.