Forza Horizon 2 livestream from gamescom on Twitch

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all know quickly that in 30 minutes Ralph Fulton is doing a live presentation of Forza Horizon 2 featuring all new gameplay on Twitch :slight_smile:



Loving the footage but the game sound is a little too loud compared to the commentary.

*Edit: They must have heard me because the commentary was much better in the second half… j/k. It was a great demo and very much in the vein of the first game. The seamless online play will be a big factor for me, and a reason I don’t play as much online. Most nights I have limited time after work, and to have to spend a chunk of it waiting in lobbies is a drag. Hopefully it plays out well in practice.


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Just caught the last three minutes. Looks great though.

I hope there is a option to mute all that horrible pop music.

Has there been any mountain scenery yet? Maybe we have some Alps in there…

There is a radiostation dedicated to classical music. That could be interesting.


Huracan free play, Local Motors Rally Fighter hill climb race against Dodge Ram Runners, Bowler, and Ford Raptors, Car Meet session, off road race against a VW van at crazy speed, classical music station during King Mode in the ruined abbey map.

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This game is going to destroy i’m to sold, take my money nowwwwwwww.


i have a question. Is it allowed to share the 21 minutes gameplay video from the stream over youtube without monetize it ?

Frankly someone’s going to do it sooner or later whether PG allows it or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the video itself, I was thinking I couldn’t get any more excited for the game than I was after seeing yesterday’s content… So, so impressed.

Just watched some vids on YouTube. Very excited about infected.
The yellow borders in the king vid are kind of distracting. Especially at night.

I have the video and i can upload it, after watching this twitch video i can say this is the best MMO racing game of all time, the world is indeed BIG, that’s roads and driveable space, All Forza 5 paint options are back in to . Weather is better then ever in actually looks like how it would in real life on a cloudy morning raining, there are A-LOT of highways and bigger cites with dynamic lighting also.

I feel this game should win People’s Choice award.


Watching the demo one thing poped out at me was that you can download someone’s livery they are using. So that got me wondering does this mean that you don’t have to share designs anymore possibly or can they can only get that design if you shared it via storefront (which I assume there is). Also can they only get the liveries you have made or can they get liveries that others have made that you are using (in that case I assume that the person who made the design gets compensated not the person using it). I know it is probably a small aspect of the game but it got me wondering lol.

Otherwise the demo looked fantastic. I really love the near instant connectivity to online play. There being no boundaries basically when driving is another thing that looks incredibly fun. I really did not see anything that made me think about not getting the game. Now I am just waiting to see if there will be a LE version of the game before I pre-order.

If I had a pound for every time they’ve said the word ‘seamless’, I’d actually be able to afford an XBOX One, lol

In all seriousness though, this is looking phenomenal.

Wow, incredibly impressed. Love the online and the scale of the environment is incredible! My worry is with “3 times the driving space” and all these open spaces… there might not actually be that much difference in map size…

Also very very impressed with the weather and day/night cycle. the tire smoke seems a lot better than F5… This game is what made me get an Xbone and after watching this, I’m so glad I did!

Did the commentary seem extremely quiet for anyone else as well?

It did seem quiet and yes, there is no difference in map size and if so it would be small. It is shaped differently and the envronmemt is different, but what they did is take the the barriers that line every road in FH1

Whoever did the sound for this needs to use headphones or a monitor and a bit of training wouldn’t hurt. Does anyone know what he is saying about the new race mode, cross-country? Right as he starts talking about it he decides to use bonnet view and drown himself out with raging V8.

Honestly 99% of Ralph’s monologue was just the usual script anyone who’s been following the game will know by now. Drivatars this, particle effects that, car clubs here, social features there… all the new stuff is in what you see. =P

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Yes, I know. The only new content that he spoke of, was the part that was drowned out by engine noise, and that is why I am curious if anyone caught it.

“We have an all-new event in Horizon 2 called the Cross Country which involves basically veering across fields, through forests, really exciting, fun game mode which actually came about as we created the world, which takes Forza Horizon away from the road and cross-country, and vehicles like these, the 4x4 extreme off-roaders, have a place in that event as well.”

Usual script is usual.