Forza Horizon 2 gameplay

Found some gameplay videos on YouTube.

This looks really good, not to sure about the races being too open, a lot of drivers driving through fields.

I thought people wanted more open world lol.

Not me.

You can please some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time Lol

Hmmmm… The graphics dont really look any better than H1. I hope it has something to do with the way they recorded the clips and it actually looks a lot better than that…

I’m pretty sure it is the YouTube video. That video was very badly recorded. There is a demo coming and I guarantee the game will look awesome! If it is based on the FM5 graphics/physics engine, it will be great!

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I agree. Game capture video, regardless of recorded quality, can often look underwhelming. It isn’t until you have the real deal on your television screen that the details can be appreciated.

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Oh, the many times we heard this comparison between Forza 4 and 5.

Game is looking good - crisp and vibrant. Bring it on!

Agreed. Graphics shouldnt be too shabby. And if people dont want open world racing, play FM 5 lol.

Graphically looking great but it seems to be more “arcade” that the first one and the commentary seems to indicate that also. Maybe I forgot how FH:1 feels and considering that it’s a demo I shouldn’t compare BUT after watching this my excitement levels have dropped as I was hoping for some decent handling cars in an open world. Guess developers think sim fans only like circuit racing and arcade fans only like open world, a massive and wrong trend i.e.; The Crew, Project Cars, NFS, Driveclub and so on.

P.S. T10/ Playground if I had a half a million pound Pagani or McLaren the last thing I’d do is take it through a field smashing the welly out of it, it even feels wrong to see that happening on a game. Just my IMO as Dan Greenawalt would say I’m someone “who loves cars”.

I thought these were new gameplay vids, seen them already but meh; Im just glad it has a bigger map and more cars/events etc, not many open world games for the 360 as good as Horizon was, and FH1 with its repetitive single player campaign hasn’t got much reply value

I’d say the graphics in at least the car models are much improved. In FH 1 you see jagged edges that are not perfectly circular, the worst offender being the Aston One77 with its round intakes looking more like dodecagons, which kinda took away some of the beauty of the car. It shouldn’t be an issue this time round :slight_smile: