Forza horizon 120fps 4k

Yes, nowadays it seems that the cursor should keep up with the refresh rate. I was thinking old school… lol. I remember programming a game with its own pointer, and my pointer was much smoother than the desktop one.

I will never understand people’s obsession with stuff like this.

There are many more important things in gaming that need addressing at the moment and particularly FH4, 4k, more fps, ray tracing etc are all superficial luxuries that no game needs to have despite what people make out.

If all the graphical stuff is good enough to immerse you in the game then it’s done it’s job, perhaps if the average gamer didn’t believe the superficial things were the be all and end all of games we wouldn’t have so many devs putting so much focus on that side then ignoring or putting little effort into the actual content within or being unable to stop the countless bugs.

FH4 looks great and runs at a consistent rate, any graphical improvement should be rock bottom of anyone’s list of what needs addressing in the game.

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Console will never be “next gen” and always behind. PC will always be far ahead and why we can run 120fps 4k ultra settings on Horizon without issues (rtx3080 / 5800x). Don’t think the current series X will ever do 120fps / 4k w/ ultra settings. If you’re playing medium settings maybe but kinda defeats the purpose of it.