Forza Front Runners (Clean Group)

Forza Front Runners is a group that I had originally started to help organize races among my friends. Well it has grown to be a 100+ member group, with decent sized private lobbies almost daily, and weekly spec races that vary often. The times are MOSTLY US friendly but we have many players from various parts of the world.

The FB page is called “Forza Front Runners” if anyone is interested in checking it out. Im not eager to have a thousand members. I would rather see 5 clean racers join than 1,000 derby kids that have no respect for others. The majority of this group is top 1% racers, but being fast is not a requirement. You can use every assist in the book if you need to, just be willing to slide out of the way when you are getting lapped. Sim damage is always on in private lobbies, and our scheduled races are anywhere from 30mins to 2.5 hours.

The only real rule I can say we have is don’t be disrespectful on the page. Get to know someone and let them get to know you before talking a lot of trash. Its fun to crack friendly jokes but if you don’t know someone its probably best to just keep it friendly. And you don’t have to be everyone’s friend in order to be a part of the group. Don’t have to be someones best friend in order to race with them. Just keep it clean, keep it civil, and lets enjoy some clean racing. (No time for public lobby nonsense)

TL;DR - ‘Forza Front Runners’ on facebook for some clean semi-sim style racing. If you join, go ahead and make up a post sharing your gamer tag, and what you like to do in Forza!