Forza ev "cross country" rivals not working

Forza ev “cross country” rivals not working…spawns wrong track and cannot be completed. Please minimize upgrades and fix basic game.

Could you confirm if this continues to be an issue after quitting the game and restarting your device?

Yes sir, two different X boxes… one with controller… one with Thrustmaster wheel. Hard reboot on both boxes…also weekly challenge “above and beyond” still does not spawn. Regards, John

It worked this morning. I completed it.

Congrats…couldnt get it to work on either machine…glad I don’t need the points…good luck with all the other issues. Cheers, John

Does it not display 2 tracks and you need to click the one on the right?


That’s what I was thinking. The way the UI is set up for more than one monthly rivals is, well, typically Forza.


Thanks everyone…used to go to each track…now u have to select the one you want. cheers