Forza Edition Cars in Future Car Packs...?

Just some food for thought.

Consider what we know so far:

  1. The VIP car pack contains, in its entirety, 5 Forza Edition cars

  2. T10 is absolutely counting Forza Edition cars into the “over 700 launch cars” list

It seems, dare I say, quite likely that T10 will pad the car pack DLCs with Forza Edition cars in the future.

Makes you wonder what could be next. Forza Edition tracks?

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I sure hope not.


I think this is to take it a bit far off… I do not belive FE cars will be counted in future DLC packs.
I will eat my words if i’m wrong tho…


They will make it a prize for Forzathon and community events.

I believe they are not stupid.


Interesting. I believe the VIP car pack is neither Forzathon nor a community event, but in fact paid DLC.

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While true, they aren’t directly comparable. How? Well, a car pack is dedicated entirely to cars, nothing else. While the VIP pack offers things other than cars. So it’s not exactly comparable. So to say “Well they did it for this, why not for this”, isn’t the entirely logical way to look at it.
You can’t compare VIP to a car pack, as they offer different things. Now I’m not justifying what they did to the VIP pack, I was pretty annoyed, but you’re kind of taking a stretch with your logic behind this.

It would be like comparing a map pack, and an expansion pack in a shooter game. Map packs tend to give just maps, while expansion packs tend to give maps, guns, new challenges, camos, etc etc.