Forza Drive To Win Competition

Hello everyone, I was recently contacted stating that I had won the Forza Drive to Win Competition, I got sent a message on Xbox live and told to email the email stated. Before I did this I checked the account, it seemed pretty legit and wasn’t made like a week ago, so being sceptical, and I researched further. I found out that the gamer tag was the same initials on the verified Xbox Australia Twitter and Facebook. I got an email saying congratulations you have won and lots of information about what I have one and will be contacted about details. The next day, I get another message on Xbox live to say my gamer tag has been tweeted on the official Xbox Australia twitter along with 8 other winners. I’m really sceptical about the whole thing and there are more details to support this, but I can’t spend all day writing. If anyone has any information regarding who will contact you if you win and the names of the people. I just want to double check because flights to Australia is a big deal and very far away from home, and also to protect myself and the person coming with me from identity fraud. So some clarity from anyone official at Xbox, Turn 10 or Microsoft Studios would be a great help as I’m running out of time to send my details.

Many Thanks,