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Welcome to Forza Documentation! I am Oliver023, and have been playing Forza since I was really little all the way back since Forza Motorsport 1. Many of you may know me from the Official Forza Discord- Forza Official (as I spend the majority of my time there meeting other players and in all having fun) and moderate there.

Anyways, back in the day, we would have physical game guides that would speak about Forza History and would inform you and guide you. These were something I always enjoyed, yet they don’t really exist anymore. So, I have taken it upon myself to construct a history book and gain as much knowledge as I possibly can on Forza’s History (WIP). As well as sharing documents and such to help you on your way!
If you think you something should be added onto this list please message me on discord : Oliver023#4880 or through the forums directly

(I want to share a special thanks to @aeqnx and @Quadro40k as their formatting was just beautiful and looks much cleaner)

Table of Contents:

Note: This Forums post will get messy from time to time since anyone can reply as well as new ideas get introduced into the forums causing things to get out of order. To get from section to section. I recommend clicking the Back to Top link to access the Table of Contents shown above. Thanks for checking out this Forum



A list of every car ever featured into each Forza title as well as how many times it was introduced. Took about 6 months, 3 months lost to a google doc corruption and 3 months redoing it on excel. All of the work is my own except the photos which are included from the Forza Wiki (cited below). As well as double checking my list with the wiki to make sure I am not missing any Unicorn Cars or other cars. Now Includes the Expansion Cars as well (Photos Taken from the official website)
-Mercedes Needs to be Corrected!
-Photos Still Being Added!

Forza Wiki. Fandom. (2008, March 31). Retrieved December 26, 2021, from Forza Wiki | Fandom

Welsh, Alan. “Blast off to Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels on July 19!” Forza, 12 June 2022, Blast off to Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels on July 19!.

Turn 10 Community Manager @ManteoMax aka @T10ManteoMax also has an extremely detailed list they have been working on for 11 years and more to come. I highly recommend you check out all of his hard work!

Max’s Documentation and Website: ManteoMax’s Forza HORIZON 5 Spreadsheets - Google Sheets

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Music From The Horizon titles Newest to Oldest! (FH5-FH1)
-Horizon Rocks/Vagrant/XS

-Horizon Bass Arena

-Horizon Block Party

–Horizon Hospital Records

-Horizon Pulse

With the upcoming 10 year anniversary tribute, we are getting a new radio station tribute (Horizon Mixtape), which was officially stated during a Forza Monthly and Lets go streams. Though it was teased throughout the week. Here are the songs! The nostalgia is like none other!

If you missed the livestreams or do not know where to access them… see the link below:

–Forza Horizon 5: Horizon Mixtape

With FH5’s Rally Adventure Expansion Released. We had gotten new sound tracks in a returning station called Epitaph as listed in the spotify below. (Disclaimer: Spotify didnt have censored versions of some songs so I apologize.)

-Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure Expansion Epitaph

Forza Motorsport OST Fm4-Fm7 (Disclaimer: Sadly Fm1-Fm3’s OSTs are not on Spotify)

All in One! From FM4-FH5 All titles have been featured :smiley:

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Gameplay Guides
If your ever struggling with progression in Forza Horizon 4/5 I highly recommend you check you @Quadro40k and @aeqnx 's guides listed below:

Pr Stunts
Want to learn about getting competitive in the pr stunts leaderboards I highly recommend you check out theis leaderboards discord server! Forza Leaderboards

A few of the leaderboard hunters there involved you may recognize: @SStephon, @NotTrying2BCrng, @GeorgianLORD , @Liquidsquid5394, @Pika_Driving , @Venomouzz5407 , @DUBSmb

Pr Stunts World Record Sheet

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Painting Guides
For those struggling in the painting scene I highly recommend you view this forum. It really revolutionizes the painting scene. When I first began to paint, this guide was recommended to me by @PTG_Wildcat (who is a super talented painter) and wish others knew about this. This guide created by @PJTierney helps showcase the pure power of glass 2k and the benefits. As well as glass2k obeying TOS so you have nothing to worry about. That being said its important to make sure that your paints you are creating obeys Forzas TOS itself ( )

Another Guide Created by the super talented @ABGRAPHICS showcased below also shows a different way to color match

Another awesome thing to use is ( which was recommended to me a while back by another super talented painter and great friend @aeqnx (so sorry for all the mentions bud). This allows you to create a pallet of colors to help you view any incoming projects.

Another helpful link from @Skreamies showcasing some manufacturer color recreations. Alot of which make the already realistic manufacturer color choices in game even more realistic. My good friend @SlowJournalist also has an eye for this sort of thing. Idk how but its astounding how they work their magic.

Wanted to give a special shoutout to @Dayshi1989 who had put in alot of work in recreating the full NCS Color Pallet Filled to the brim converted with Forza Color Codes as well as the RAL Color Pallets.
Here is a link to their socials: Instagram , Twitch. All of this work belongs to Dayshi! I do not own any of this information… was just given permission to share it. A link to his livery/vinyl creation how to guide (powerpoint) is also included within this section below:

Dayshi’s Painting Guide
Dayshis_FH5_How_to_Paint_Guide (1).pptx

NCS Color Pallet

The RAL Pallet

Together these are the two most known color pallets in the world. They said that this took him 12 entire hours to complete!

As of Aug 10th 2023, Dayshi also put in the work to add in yet another Pallet!! Now we also have all 915 colors of the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Thanks once again @Dayshi1989 !!

I will always recommend trying to learn it yourself as its quite fun once you get going but if your still having issues. There is a Forza Forums thread where you can ask for help with liveries and vinyls. :wink::blush:

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Tuning Guides
Credits to @VNX_Albannt and @Saeenu1 :
Wanted to take a minute and revise this tuning guide section. This message is a direct copy and paste from the Official Forza Discord. We had pinned this message in the discord as it is a very helpful message. Again, I do not own any of this information. This is only here to help guide others. All rights belong to both Albannt and Saeenu. Make sure to thank them when you see them. They are some very awesome and incredible people! Definitely worth chatting with when you get the chance.

Decent tuning videos to look at:

in FH5 you go for 100 brake pressure and not minimum tire pressure, rest mostly applies

A good sheet with FH5 specific settings and explanations: RHEC Setup Reference - Google Docs

Pretty decent list of good cars for each class (will be updated): meta.pdf - Google Drive

Tire choices

For types of tire compounds you should use in fh5, although this can depend on car/build youre going for, here’s the general consensus for road racing that works for most cars/builds: B class - Street tires, Stock tires (if PI is close to Street) or Vintage (non-whitewall) tires on cars that have that available. Vintage whitewall tires for RWD powerbuilds on cars that have it available. Rally tires for FWD builds A class - Rally tires or drift tires on some certain RWD builds (usually powerbuilds) S1 class - Same as A class on some cars, semi slick race or slick race on some others S2 class - Slick tires if they fit, otherwise semi slicks

Good base tire pressures for each tire compound (psi/bar):

drag: 15.0 (1.0) offroad: 18.5 (1.2) rally: 20.5-22.0 (1.4-1.5) stock/street/vintage/whitewall: 25.0 (1.7) drift/semislick: 27.5 (1.8) slick: 29.5 (2.0)

General good advice when upgrading for online racing (just the basics, skipping a lot of things)

  • Weight reduction is a top priority upgrade
  • Always upgrade antiroll bars to race
  • Always upgrade differential, it has no PI cost
  • Don’t upgrade front tire width unless you literally don’t have anything else, it’s very PI inefficient
  • Don’t upgrade clutch, using manual transmission with clutch negates the disadvantage, it’s a waste of PI
  • Look at sport transmission before choosing your pick, that one very often drops PI
  • Don’t mindlessly AWD swap road cars, RWD and FWD is generally faster in this game (obviously AWD still works on a lot of cars)
  • Don’t go for tires that are too grippy for the class you’re in (basically only rivals builds and FWD cars go for things like slicks in A, most cars have rallies/drifts, sometimes streets/stocks, depending on the build)
  • Off-road race tires are the only good tires for off-road racing, rallies are a road racing compound in this game
  • Centrifugal supercharger is one of the most PI efficient upgrades in the game, worth using over turbos most of the time


all of them except ABS slow you down. For max pace:

  • TCS/stability control off
  • simulation steering
  • manual + clutch (faster on 99% of cars in this game, always use for online)
  • racing line for reference. very useful, since fh5’s lacks stationary landmarks

Calculator apps:

never ever use them, there’s no special formula for tuning. This has been tested by trustworthy people in the competitive scene

List of good tuners that are mostly active (will update):

ESV Mars, Nalak28, K1Z Bala, K1Z Suimin, K1Z Bard, K1Z Howzer (S1/S2), K1Z Gray, C0RVETTE GS, Danx986399, OnlyNaps, Rocklxd, APR Koarsse, Coach Lbn, Steer W Toes, VNX Hexor, TopTierRamen. TDU1PlatinumMod, JakeGTR9, SakuraMxSPD, K1Z Hikari, XNDR DID IT (handling rivals cars), GoodReiShun, ESV Eclipse, JumpyArdvarkITA, Inayamei, EXR Garmite, Scaans, wood2GR, zoltan rr, Buntaaaaaa, Nyasmowisher, Grandma Driving, N7 Matsura, GreetedDust.8 Noa Miyako. ProfessorOW. AMS Carver. EGAO no HANA (powerbuilds). Pudding n Puff (powerbuilds). Ash46Desync (mainly FWD, dirt) KapienPL (dirt), LogikJ (dirt), Cast Haste (dirt), Saeenu (seasonal),

special Jesko top speed - Lstcroix10, NotTrying2BeCrng points drifting - nvtals, Guesh fujiwara, Barry sniff, MARZZOMBIE, Kenpai TDG drag - x NRR Drag, I Apex Stigz I X class (sesto FE) - Metalxphoenix, Ageramonokkp

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Other Helpful Documents/Websites

Miscellaneous Pdfs/Google Docs
Below are some of the Pdfs/docs I have found be shared across the Official Forza Discord for quite some time. If your not in the Official Forza Discord again I highly recommend it (Forza Official). I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS WORK! This work is only shared to help others. If you ever see them make sure to thank them for their work… they have alot of time in it!

-Forza Horizon 5 Hard To Find List. Created by @SlowJournalist , @Hydra497107 and @TADDYBOYZZ#4063

-Forza Horizon 5 Cars With Super Wheelspins and other works by: @redbaronworks

-Johnsons Racing Tunes Consists of FH5-FH3 (link to his YT Channel: Johnson Racing - YouTube)
Created by @aTTaX_Johnson
Johnson Racing Tunes → for more - Google Drive

-Meta Tunes Continued (Fh5-Fh4)… Cannot Find the original owner please reply if you know the owner so I can give them credit.

-Snoases (Seasons) Meta Tuning Guide (YT: ) Created by @snosaes
snosaes’ Meta Car List for Rivals/PVP - Google Sheets

-GhostOfRussia’s Tunes for (almost) all cars in FH5 Created by @Ghost5of5Russia

Useful Websites
Forza Wiki

Forza Support Page

Forza Submit A ticket

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Forums Posts (Current/Retired) By Oliver023
-Forza Fridays with the Diner Community
(A good friend of mine who I moderate for on twitch/youtube for over 2 years! This post is to help keep others updated when he goes live (at least Forza Related Livestreams anyways))

-Eventlab Database
This will be where I house eventlabs I stumble upon whether for racing/drifting/photo opportunities you name it its probably there somewhere

-Forza Horizon 5 Freeroam Unique Photo/Car Meet Locations

–Oliver023’s Drift Builds

–Oliver023’s User Car Wishlist

-Going Sideways A Super 7 Story (wip)

-Drift Clips! (Open to Everyone!)

-Ken Block Event (Retired 1/6/23 @ 7PM EST)

-Forza Horizon 5 Common Issues With Possible Solutions (Retired)


-FH5 DLC Promo/Test Drive

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Forza Merchandise
Feel Free to share any Forza Merchandise you have found along the way as well as a little background behind it if you can!

Forza Motorsport 1

Standard Cover Art

Disc Art

Manual Located at this link (also where the cover art and disc art came from): Forza Motorsports (Xbox Original) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Forza Motorsport 1 Limited Edition
Seemingly really hard to find any documentation on. After some searching I found a photo of a coverart selling. ( Thats about the best visual representation I can find. If anyone has a physical copy please message me!! Discord: Oliver023#4880, Xbox: Oliver0023. It came with notes from the developers supposedly and had a cinematic called Xcelerator. The Official Forza Wiki seems to have this section blank so it took a ton of searching (

IGN Article:
Since the Forums format changed is gone and is now the Forums we know today this section is gone… that being said the videos are still listed on IGN’s YouTube page listed below:

IGN’s Forza Motorsport Xbox Preview - Xcelerator - Trailer
IGN’s Forza Motorsport Xbox Preview - Xcelerator - American Muscle
IGN’s Forza Motorsport Xbox Preview - Xcelerator - Drifter
IGN’s Forza Motorsport Xbox Preview - Xcelerator - Ultimate
IGN’s Forza Motorsport Xbox Preview - Xcelerator - Exotic
IGN’s Forza Motorsport Xbox Preview - Xcelerator - European

Forza Motorsport 2
Standard Cover Art

Variant 2

Forza Motorsport 3
Forza Motorsport 4
Forza Motorsport 5
Forza Motorsport 6
Forza Motorsport 7
Forza Horizon 1
Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 5

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Fm3 limited collectors edition came with a solid metal keychain. Still rocking mine to this day

1 Like has horizon merchandise. Does that count?

Have seen stuff on redbubble & Etsy but not sure if official gear

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Thank you very much @Oliver0023
I really apprechiate that <3

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FM3 LE also had a small capacity branded usb key. Lord knows where mine is

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Official Forza Trailers and Other Vids
Thought it would be neat to put the official trailers for each title here as well as interesting vids. Once again, I do not own any of these videos. Just sharing them for historical significance. Its wild to see how far Forza has become over the years. Each Link linked below will send you to a playlist with all of the Forza Vids I could possibly find in one. These will be vids that have a historical significance. I will be ignoring gameplay based vids except for possibly adding Car List Videos. To give users a better method for visualizing what cars are there outside of the car lists that were shared. Disclaimer: Some of the More Modern Forza Titles already have playlists built up. So I will share the Official Forza Playlist here. Anything I find outside of this playlist I will be adding to what I call a “V2” Version

Forza Motorsport 1 Video Collection

Forza Horizon 5 Video Collection

Forza Motorsport Video Collection

More Will be added when I make more time^^.

Wanted to take a moment and shoutout one of my friends as well and some of their content. As alot of these creators content helps preserve Forza’s History. I will more than likely rearrange this topic once I am on break.

He made a very beautiful Montage during Forza Horizon’s 10 year anniversary. Credits to @YourBroom3065 aka TechHeadHD2 Techs YT, Techs Twitter/X, Tech’s Twitch , Tech’s Discord Server

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Forza History

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Forza Motorsport 1
  • Forza Motorsport 2
  • Forza Motorsport 3
  • Forza Motorsport 4
    (More to be added)

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The Original Xbox had launched in North America in Mid November of 2001. This was Microsoft’s way of making their way into the console wars. With the PlayStation 2 releasing in North America in the late 2000s. They have taken their turns battling each other out in many ways. Both of these consoles ran at 128 bits and cost about $300 at the time. With both having their upsides and downsides one of the key features was their console specific games. Microsoft took note of this and PlayStation having several high selling racing titles (at the time Gran Turismo 1 and Gran Turismo 2) wanted to try and see if they could beat them at their own game. Which helped introduce the Forza Franchise we have today.

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Forza History Table of Contents

Forza Motorsport 1
Game History/Features
Forza Motorsport 1 was revealed at an E3 convention in 2004. Created by Turn 10 Studios the father of the franchise and the teams first ever game. During this E3 convention in 2004 a trial/demo of Forza Motorsport 1 was released and shown to the world. In this demo, there was only one track included (Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) and 12 cars (only 4 are customizable). There were quite a few differences showcased throughout this demo as well. One of the most noticeable being the Forza logo itself.


FM 1 Logo Trial Stages

FM1 Final Logo

For more in depth info about the trial as well as more side by side comparisons please visit: Proto:Forza Motorsport/September 14th, 2004 - The Cutting Room Floor

Compared to what has been listed in the demo now. Forza has excelled quite alot in a year before its release in 2005. Forza Motorsport 1 now consists of 231 cars (All Available Cars). all cars are customizable, alot of new tracks, an online mode, career mode with region based rewards and level progression and so much more.

Forza Motorsport 1 had a class system known as a PI or performance index which founded the structure of the class system we have today. You had D class, C class, B class, A class, S class, R-GT Class, R-GTS Class, R-P1 Class as well as a classic sports class. Building a car for specific classes is extremely important. Overupgrading your car to get it into a high class may cause it to lose functionality, or underupgrading your car by upgrading it in to low of a class will cause it to struggle to keep up. To raise classes Forza had several different performance upgrades to increase your cars pi.

The upgrade system consisted of 3 main categories. You had the engine and power upgrades, appearance and aero upgrades, and your chassis and drivetrian upgrades. In the engine and power upgrades you could upgrade your engine tuning, intake and exhaust, fuel and ignition, add a turbo kit/supercharger kit, an intercooler and in some cars even swap the engine. Appearance and Aero wise you could choose a custom hood, front bumper, rear bumper, roll cage, side skirts, rear lenses, rear spoiler/wing, wheel style, and even your window tint. For chassis and drivetrain you could upgrade your suspension, transmission, brakes, clutch and flywheel, tires, differential, and weight reduction.

Something else that was never before seen in this era of racing was the amount of fine tuning and the ability to create custom vinyls, paints and decals like Forza Motorsport 1. You can apply full body colors to your car, hood colors, mirror colors, as well as spoiler colors. What made Forza stand out was the vinyl additions. Users could use shapes such as a circle or a square to recreate their favorite vinyl’s and apply them to your car. With more than 100 already available and created as a manufacturer decals. As for fine tuning you can adjust your tires, gearing, alignment, anti-roll, springs, damping, aero, braking, and your differential. Which for the time is quite impressive.

As for tracks Forza Motorsport 1 would start a streak of mixing up both realistic tracks and fantasy tracks. For Circuits you had the Alpine Ring, Blue Mountains Raceway, Blue Mountain Raceway II, Laguna Seca, Maple Valley Raceway, Maple Valley Raceway II, New York, New York II, Nurburgring, Rio de Janeiro, Road America, Road Atlanta, Road Atlanta II, Silverstone, Silverstone II, Sunset Peninsula Speedway, Sunset Peninsula Infield, Tokyo Circuit and the Tsukuba Raceway. For Point to point races aka your sprints you had Fujimi Kaido Full, Fujimi Kaido Downhill A/B, Fujimi Kaido Hill Climb A/B, Nurburgring A/B/C/D, Pacific Shipyards and Pacific Shipyards II. They even had autocross tracks. Such as the Thunderbolt. Intruder, Harrier, Tomcat, Eagle, Mirage, Hornet, Tornado, Falcon and the Nighthawk. Finally they have some special tracks too such as the quarter mile drag strip, test track infield, as well as the Test Track Oval. Once again, for its age all of these tracks is quite incredible

Community Based History

Note: I will be coming back to add more as well as add pictures from the Xbox once I get the og xbox ready to do so as well as make some extra time.