FORZA DEVS, READ THIS: We are sick and tired of the lack of effort from the devs put into this game

Call out for lifeguard.
Week later “You still need help?”
Nope, they drowned


“We have already received reports of other players drowning and our team are looking into the problem. We will mark this ticket solved as we know you are drowning and do not need any further information.”


My forever since day 1 bugs that are marked as “solved”:

I asked for a volume slider for gearbox whine. The gearbox whine in this game when in cockpit view is unbearable, especially if you’re using the “sport” transmission. I in fact would not be shocked if it has already damaged my ears to some degree at this point. I know it’s realistic, but drivers who work regularly with cars that have gearbox whine also wear ear protection. I shouldn’t have to wear ear protection to play a video game.

The stupid tension building mechanic at the end of the race where the top and bottom of the screen tighten in a close race. I hate it, but that’s not the issue. They didn’t bother testing the game in non-standard resolutions, and didn’t realize that it also cuts off the sides of the screen on anything wider than standard resolutions. So on my 5120x1440p monitor, more than half of my vision gets taken away. I’m looking at a tiny box in the middle of my massive screen.

And let’s not forget my continuing request to add custom championships back into the franchise, which I consider an essential tool for both single player and convoy only endgame. I’m still miffed about the fact that they took it away for 4. Why are they subtracting features?


Is it “of all types” though ? Isn’t the bug report system quite separate from player misconduct and suggestions ?

Nope, every ticket increments the number by 1

Shifting course here a bit, but has anyone else noticed how things have quieted down substantially both here and on other websites with Forza forums. I know people have been saying this for months already, but it truly feels like Horizon 5 is dying out.


I myself have been less active in the past month or so.
Mainly because I can’t find many topics that interest me, or hasn’t already been said and ignored by the Devs .

It initially started with the increasing number of Car Wishlists that have only multiplied 10 times over in the past few months - especially now with the addition of the constant MM car voting threads.
I guess all cars in the world must have been listed by now.
If they would just automatically get put into a dedicated place where people that want to post, vote etc. can do that without clogging up the main discussions then I might find the time to read through the discussions without wading through the countless “My Massive Car Wishlist” type of thread.


Even those have slowed down quite substantially. I think having to audition your requests have put a major damper on making wishlists for a lot of people.

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Same here, it’s way more annoying than it should be. I wouldn’t even mind (as much) if it only squished the top and bottom across the whole screen, it’s the sides getting chopped that really get me. I’ve submitted a bug report and posted this but I don’t think anything will ever be done about it. Funny aside, in FH4 the (static image) loading screens actually stretched across the whole screen with this resolution. It actually looked better than what FH5 does even if it wasn’t intended.

Yes, I agree that over the past few days they’ve become less but they do still persist.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against these threads themselves, but it would be better to have a separate space for them and keep the main discussions more concise.
I know yourself and Bravo have your own lists, so I thank you both for the like on my previous post even though it would appear to disagree with your wishlists. Trust me, I don’t. Just want the forum threads to be cleaned up a bit.


I don’t actually have a wish list, design page yes :wink:

That was cancelled out by the appalling music accompanying FH4’s pre-race loading screens though, I don’t think anything in a FH game to date has sapped my enthusiasm for a race more than them, I’ve played games with licenced soundtracks for around 20 years now and I personally have never despised anything more than them.

I’d look forward to a race, select my car and then ‘Dontcha…dontcha…’.

I’d go from enthusiasm to apathy in a matter of seconds.


My mistake, I thought I had seen one in the past. Maybe another Bravo, not sure.

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Wasn’t the rotating around the car one but the static image ones, showing off lego and fortune island dlc. The static image ones were scaled based on width or something so the top and bottom would get cut off but at least it filled the screen. The rotating car one was still 16:9.

One word: Legos


Mods could save this game if the creators are backed and given license to create cool stuff. We would see new routes, drift maps the multistory carparks and togue. A city, even. Then they can focus on fixing the main bugs with the game.


My heart and head sank when I saw the announcement of the Lego expansion but to be fair, after playing it for a short while, I soon forgot about it being Lego and it just felt like racing on another map. Can’t stand seeing them in the Main World though - keep them in Lego world and race a real car on the Main.

I switched over to FH4 earlier today for the first time in forever and it was so much better - even the wheel worked the way it always did without any adjustments - but then I got into a race in Mudkickers and a Lego popped up so I quit back to FH5 and fired up the old controller.

Oh No ! what have I said !
Devs - ignore this - please give us a proper expansion 2 in FH5 - no more childrens hour… :crossed_fingers:
or maybe 2 hrs if the last expansion was anything to go by.


You know it’s bad when most of the posts are “racing boring,”,“we are tired of this”, “lazy updates” and 99999+ “Fix this”.
Their last chance in my opinion is that second DLC. They won’t see another pre-order money from me, that’s for sure.


@T10ManteoMax why the team hasn’t answered any of the inquiries

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It’s like these these threads or any other social platform aren’t taken into considerations, many other games when something like that happened at least acknowledged and tried something, sad it is not the case