FORZA DEVS, READ THIS: We are sick and tired of the lack of effort from the devs put into this game

The whole “keep it secret” thing is (censored)… Why not showing the people what u do… everyone knows u work on the game… R* is best example “say nothing”, “show nothing” and then cry because stuff was leaked…
T10 showed a render and some clip of new motorsport but why? Show the people how much effort devs put into the things (Devblog, whatever)

Kids don’t know how much work some “lame ingame item” needs, show them…

I rly like the early access stuff on steam or other places… dev allows u to play with things and u can report bugs before they find the way in the final version.

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Actual new to Forza content over a year (Donut story had a new feature, 10y anniversary had a bit more work put in it)

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Made even more apparent by the tempting lush hilly areas beyond the massive bridge.

I would’ve preferred it had they launched with a focus on fewer more expansive biomes and expand the landmass with the expansions, even if it means separating the standard map and the added content with loading screens. Something that could be handled with specific crossing areas (bridges, toll booths) and spiffy cinematics.

This/10, especially the last sentence. And I emphasized that because that should be priority number one.

Thats not how it works here… U can tell them where to find what and it doesnt get fixed!

Fired up the game to check and yeah they do not even fix the simple stuff…
Reported the flickering drivatar icon almost year ago and total easy to fix but still in

Common thing to hide stuff under the map, its the world origin and not hard to tell what the problem is. (reported also that u can hear the zeppelin minutes before event starts there so every dev should be able to tell how/what to fix)

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I can give you an other example. There’s a bug with the rear wing of the MB 190E Evo. The default wing is the only one available and an adjustable one. The standard downforce setting is 7 in FH5 which is way to low as is the whole adjustable range. This makes the car basically undrivable in higher classes (higher PI) because you’re missing downforce in the back. For comparison the standard value of exactly the same wing in FH4 is 153 and standard settings for “Forza aero” in FH5 are also in that range. So, the 7 is simply a bug.

I’ve reported this bug twice by now. Last year (ticket #280080) and two months ago (ticket #408292). Complete explaination of the issue at hand even supported with FH4/5 screenshot comparison to highlight the problem.

The bug isn’t even on the known issues list so far!


That’s disappointing, to understate it hugely. I wonder if they round filed your reports because (although presumably reported in English, yours is fine fwiw, not criticizing you there) the screen shots weren’t in English. Again, that’d be disappointing, but how else to explain not even adding it to the issues list ?

And, out of idle curiosity, I wonder if ticket numbering is sequential… meaning over 400,000 reported bugs in less than a year. Is that, a lot ? Sounds like a lot.

Active and dedicated individuals with the eye and knowledge to help greatly improve the experience and replayability of this game are sadly ignored it seems.


The description of the problem in English alone should have been enough and even if the screenshots would be in Chinese they give a clue what this is about. In question they could have checked back. Which they actually did in the first case by asking if I’m still experiencing the issue. The follow up was like that…I mean exactly.

Me: Yes, the problem is still existing. Standard value for the rear wing/spoiler is still 7 (max. 12) is way too low.

Me after about two weeks: This here is ridiculous!

Me after about a month: Over one month now! Do you think this is proper support?

Secret Agent McNuggets: Thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into this and your ticket will be added to our investigation. I am marking this ticket “Solved” and we will send out an announcement to the Community when we have a resolution. …

Looks like they’re sequential.


Perfectly formed. :smile::weary:


Absolutely. In fact if the company was any kind of interested in quality control they could and should be able to handle inquires in ANY language they sell and market the game to. Heck they could just drop it into an online translator and usually be reading in any language they want almost instantly. But it’s so much easier to have it all automated to spit out a "Solved ! tm " reply and follow that up with pestering automated “How did we do ? Select : 1 - Awesome ! or 2 - Awesome !” feedback loops or like your follow up, also probably entirely automated, “Is this still an issue ?” (actual meaning “Are you still annoying us ?”)

Sadly, this is just the usual performance from the “Support” team.
The normal reply to any ticket seems to be a copy & paste from a (small) selection of generic responses and always gets followed up with a “Do you still need help” message when they’ve done NOTHING !

I’ve been sending tickets about the fact that my wheel is unusable since the huge fallout from the xbox update from October but despite numerous update releases from MS and Forza saying they had fixed wheel issues, they were nothing to do with what I was asking them to fix.

Don’t hold much hope now. I guess they’ve already donned their hats and Christmas jumpers and are just sitting about the office with their feet up throwing mini sausages at each other till the New Year.
Happy Holidays ! :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

Don’t forget or they’re referred to as whiny and entitled.


They can address cosmetics like the purple wing of the new M4 in a relatively timely manner but major issues related to car physics get completely ignored. Priorities…

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3598 tickets in 13 days. Pretty sad actually. But they marked them all solved and still there are tickets after tickets piling up.

If it was sequential, it would be 400.000 Tickets, of all types, so from bug reports to player misconduct reports to suggestions

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IMHO, the way that bugs are handled is just the final confirmation for “We don’t really care anymore:man_shrugging:t2:

Nearly a year ago, I opened a ticket on the paint scheme of the OZ Superturismo Evoluzione rims not matching the IRL rims.
Basically, they are missing an option to paint the center lock in a different color.

How it does look:

How it should look:

(this is the actual color scheme as sold by OZ)

Now, for some people this may be nothing but a minor inconvenience. Nonetheless, I would consider this fix-worthy, given that there’s a deviation from the real-life counterpart.

So, how did they approach this ticket? Marked as “Solved” and peace out :v:t2:

Yes, this issue is not game breaking. And yes, most people probably won’t even notice.
But c’mon, how long would this fix take? Most likely a couple clicks in some 3D editor and off we go…

Can’t help but wonder: What’s the priority on these tickets?
Anything that doesn’t break the game is simply put in the “Well, we ain’t gon fix that any time soon” list?

It’s kinda like finding a hair in your soup and the waiter goes “Oh, I see”, just for him to walk away and never show up again…


Fully agree with this statement though, pretty sad it has fallen far from grace. I know PG can turn this around, I swear. I just want to see a major update now and then.

“We’ve already received complaints of hairs in the soup before, so I’ll be declaring your issue resolved.”


Easy one… ;D
Look at both images… in both the slider is at center…
So everything is fine, Solved!