Ok so to start with I’m a disgruntled gamer having received a ban on forza motorsport 7.
That said I’m not here to complain about it, I’m here to discuss this problem in a civilised manner.
I’m a 47 year old gamer that likes nothing more to play forza 7 with my many similar age friends, all of which are courteous and respectful racers yet all of us numbering around 8 or 9 of us have all received bans.
I have no idea as to why I was banned and it seems a little difficult and long winded to even try to find out, I suspect though that I was banned for running somebody off the track that had been constantly cutting corners and colliding with me…
After all we are all human and constant annoyance can bring out reactions in the most mild mannered people.
Only yesterday before my ban I was racing against a very fast driver who I had been in the same lobby with numerous times but never been able to finish ahead of him.
Imagine my delight as I managed to pass him cleanly on the last lap of silverstone about 5 corners from the finish line only to have him dive into the long tight right hander push me off track and not let me back on. So of course I’m trying to push my way back on with contact when he spins out. I stopped for him though and let him pass before finishing the race.
I messaged him quite politely asking why when I passed him clean with no contact did he feel the need to force me off and not let me back on.
Basically he laughed in my face and told me to get over it.
My concern is after buying a brand new copy of forza motorsport since forza 2 what happens when the new instalment arrives and I am unjustly and unfairly banned.
Bans can lead to a RIDICULOUSLY over the top 20 year ban. If that happens then your left with a game that cannot be enjoyed to its fullest.
Nobody should be walking on egg shells while playing a video game expecting a ban at any moment.
Me neither my friends are the kind of people that go ramming and cutting corners or ruining the experience for others, we all thrive on clean close and fast racing yet we are all guilty of running the people off the track in frustration that are causing trouble in the game.
If anyone says they haven’t done that then I would find it unbelievable.
The people that do get banned just make another profile and take up the race once again so really the ban is ineffective to stopping them playing.
Myself I don’t want to and am not starting another profile, I’ll just wait my week then resume my racing, all be it racing nervously too worried to try to make a pass in case somebody cries foul play reports me and I receive another ban.
THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED, there must be some other way of keeping lobby’s clean.
Why not a skill based player match based on lap times on leaderboards.
Why not a system that’s used in leagues grass roots to pinnacle yet somehow based on the amount of collisions and corners that have been cut.
I’m not a game developer but there must be some way other than bans.
Moderating lobby’s must be a difficult task I’m sure, but to allow the general public to enforce bans on gamers in the name of turn 10 is ridiculous and in the long term can only damage the name of turn 10.
Moderators should be able to remove people from a lobby but not to ban them that’s just going to end up pushing good people away from an excellent franchise.
What happens if your controller batteries run out and your car hits somebody will we be banned for that?
What happens if the dog bites you and you loose control and hit someone, will we be banned for that?
Anyway if anyone from turn 10 or anybody else would like to discuss this subject then please feel free to contact me.
Thank you all for reading and hopefully we can help make this right