Forza 7 pc win 10/11 - multiplayer issues (teredo)

Hi. I am putting this out there to save you time and frustration (I wish I knew this).
If you (like I was) are not able to connect to the servers on multiplayer (unable to acquire server), then do this.
= Go to PC settings
= Gaming
= Xbox Networking
= Press the ‘check’ button … this will tell you if you have issues with teredo or server connectivity.
You can try the ‘fix’ button and then re-check.
Before I came across this I had literally tried everything (including re-installing and downloading all car packs from MS store etc) - for me it turns out that bitdefender was blocking me.
After you try each fix hit the ‘check’ and ‘fix’ and ‘check’ etc - you may find that one of the various options does it for you. In my case there was no need to reboot after every step.
There is a helpful link near the ‘fix it’ button that explains ALL possible problems and fixes without having to trawl the entire internet.
I hope this helps somebody :slight_smile:

hey man, im running windows 11, when i select gaming for xbox networking, nothing shown. i have very limited options to choose after selecting gaming. No xbox networking to be found in windows 11. weird.