Forza 7 on PC question

Is it possible to connect and use my Fanatec Wheel base and Pedals when playing F7 on PC? If so, how? I can get them to connect and navigate the menus but that’s is, the wheel nor pedals work, Please advise. I am new to PC racing.

Should work plug and play, what specific wheel/pedals are you using? Make sure you are on latest Fanatec drivers/firmware. Double check to see if you are in the proper wheel mode ie. PC/X1/PS3/4 mode. You can map multiple devices in Forza, so can use pedals/shifter on separate USB or connected to the wheel base, your choice.

Look in the “Fanatec Wheel Property Page”(Windows key + R, type “joy.cpl” without quotes and open. Or use shortcut the Fanatec drivers installed on your desktop). Go in Advanced and make sure your wheel base is listed as the Preferred device. You can also check the Properties button to test your base and all its functionality.

Go to the in-game Controller Options. Then tab over right for “Input Options”(left and right tab in the menus should be mapped to your wheel’s paddle shifters by default. Though, I use an xbox controller while in menus/tuning, less wear and tear on the wheel. Watch out for pesky bug if your gamepad goes to sleep while racing on wheel, it will force you into the menus mid-race=wreck.) Under “Layout”, select your particular wheel, and all should be mapped fairly standard.

Hope this gets you going!

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Pretty much this. For wheels to be detected on PC you need to install whatever software that company/equipment uses for it to be detectable.

In FM& you can adjust the wheel input settings under the middle tab in the controller menu. You can change everything from force feedback, to steering sensitivity, to dead zones, etc. It’s pretty wide open and allows you to change a lot of different settings which is rather pleasant and for wide sweeping corners using a wheel is best anyway and will beat the controller. Depending on the track a wheel can be very competitive.

As for the sensitivity that you want on the wheel I suggest that you turn it down by at least 15-20% IMO because it’s extremely sensitive and hard to drive with maxed sensitivity.

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I am using the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 with the McLaren GT3 wheel and V3 pedals. They work when connected to the Xbox, PS4, and other PC games like AC, F1 2018

I only got FM7 yesterday for my PC and I’ve also been having a pig of a time getting my T300RS working properly in the game. In the Controller setting section, you can cycle through on the middle tab until you see your wheel. Once on it, press “C” as this will save the changes. Pressing “F” on the middle tab opens the advanced menu with all the dead zone options and it is a damn Pandoria’s box if you start changing too many sliders at once.

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I’m using an older wheel, the Fanatec CSR with the basic non-loadcell CSR pedals. I remember mapping my own setups for the wheel. I don’t remember that being too difficult though. Unlike mapping a controller on console, you don’t have to map everything. For example, I did not assign rewind a control because I don’t use it. Also you can assign anything you want. Playing around, I had start as the Xbox Home button (this is an XB360 compatible wheel) I even mapped the look options mapped to the thumbstick (the D-pad control stick) and that makes more sense there.

I don’t know if this is the case with the new pedals, but you may have to select the invert pedals option to get them working properly. In every sim I played on my PC, the CSR pedals need to have Invert switched on. And do not combine your pedals.

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