Forza 7 not loading - try full hardware reboot

I took a picture of a car at suzuka and it crashed as I was going to upload it, now the game wont load at all, iv tried hard resetting the xbox but still no luck, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this


Everyone is experiencing this issue.


Yep happened to me.

It is happening for a lot of people and probably why the forums were out for a while too. Do not uninstall as you would not be able to re-install while the issue is happening and the installation is not the issue just their servers are crapping out. If you have a physical version, you can play offline, digital can’t do squat until they fully resolve the issue.



Actually, even if you have the physical copy it wont work. I have the physical copy and the game wont even open, ir just crashes immediately. And its only forza doing it.

Thanks for the replys guys glad its not just me, i was thinking about having to re install too haha

Check the xbl service status page. It’s on their end.

I have physical copy and i finished a race then it crashed. Still wont load

Follow up;

Game works when network is set to offline, including digital copy (at least in my case.)


Yeah I’m not risking messing something up w/ the cloud and my save doing it that way.

I’ll just wait till it gets sorted.


I feel sheepish because I did uninstall hoping to solve the problem that way–now I get to wait hours upon hours to re-install once the servers come back up…

Use the right head, offline works, duhh

same here so i done a hard reset that done nothing so i uninstalled the game and now it wont install lol

I was playing FM6, finished and inserted fh3, kept saying install disc or go to store, using disc tried three times. Took it out and put fh2 in, it worked, but syncing data for FM6 and fh2, took awhile. Finished fh2 and tried fh3, popped right up and synced faster than others. Figured there was an issue elsewhere. Not sure why some go all freaky when an issue arises.

I have the error 0x8b050033 appearing when I try to load the game.

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So now whenever I try to log into FM7, I get the title screen for a few seconds and then it cuts back to the dashboard and nothing happens, the game doesn’t start. I tried a hard reset and that did nothing.

Issue is widespread, already a post about it about 10 down from here (On my phone, can’t post link).

@Forzamotorsport has tweeted that the issue should be resolved. Do a full console reboot by holding the power button.

I uninstalled, but still can’t install, even after reboot…