Forza 7 - freezing.

Hi! I don’t know what the appropriate technical name would be, I will explain. All of a sudden while doing one of the Evolution Championship races the program was working well. I finished the race and moved to the next and then it started to happen, video image began freezing, but the action kept on going. And when you are at high speeds and approaching to a breaking point before a corner, you know how frustrating that becomes.

My Forza 7 is running on a Windows 10 gaming PC, 7th Gen Intel Core 7.

I have downgraded all settings to lowest possible resolutions, etc. and problem keeps on. I happens at any race track on any car.

Has anyone else experienced the same (or similar) situation?

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

what’s the rest of your PC specs

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It is an HP Omen Model 870-244. Here are the key specs:

Storage Type
Hard Drive Type
Hard Drive Capacity
1000 gigabytes
Hard Drive RPM
7200 revolutions per minute
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
System Memory (RAM)
16 gigabytes
Processor Speed (Base)
3.6 gigahertz
Processor Model
Intel 7th Generation Core i7
Processor Model Number
Operating System
Windows 10

Cooling System
Operating System Architecture

Graphics Type
Video Memory
8192 megabytes
Video Memory Type

Sounds like a video driver issue, was it recently updated?


Not sure, not that I remember updating any driver. Just the regular Windows Updates. The weird thing is that it happened from one race to another, I did not exit the program, just clicked on next race.

Sounds like windows had a brain fart.